Chapter 75: Prepare For War.


It was like people had somehow heard Bran's thoughts, that he planned to work on a future with Maria, and they—his enemies—had all set out to give him reasons why he couldn't have it.

This was what Bran was thinking as he partially listened to what the man who had just entered his throne room, was saying.

"Can you just give me a summary of what you've been saying?" Bran cut him off, suddenly so exhausted.

What he'd woken up to as a bright, beautiful, day—a day he'd felt the happiest he had in a very long time—had turned into one of the most disappointing.

And it was still morning.

The man's irritation was clear in his expression but Bran didn't give two fucks. He was the one that was being disturbed. Bran was the one that was being asked to give away his fucking mate, not this messenger—who was obviously a sorcerer.

Speaking of,

"Who let him into the castle?" Bran asked the two guards standing by the wall, just now remembering that he'd placed a ban on the Sorceri entering hi
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