Chapter 79: Protection Bracelet.


"Strap her to the chairs! Hold her hands down!"

A man held Maria's hand down on the wooden table and another forced her on the chair in front of it, bending to strap her legs to it while the other forced her hands to the table top.

Cold fear gripped her unlike anything she had ever felt before and it paralyzed her, making her limbs weak and useless and unable to fight off the men.

They were no doubt wondering why she was not fighting back, but in all honesty, she didn't care about that. She was asking herself two questions right now and why she wasn't fighting back wasn't one of them.

Why were they strapping her to the table?

What did they plan on doing to her?

There should have probably been a third—why was her own father asking his men to handle her like that?

But she knew the answer and that was precisely why she wasn't bothering to ask herself that question. Her father was cruel, hands down the cruelest man she had ever met, and he did not care whether she was his blood o
Anya Ivy

You guys must be tired of my irregular updates right now but I promise things will go back to normal next week. ♡ Don't freak out if you don't see an update tomorrow. I plan on dropping two chapters at once and they might come in the other day.

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my heart is broken
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Anya Ivy
I'm so glad you understand! Also, yes, I believe he is.
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Class N Sass
Nope not freaking out totally thankful for every new chapter ... Bran best get his ... together soon though. There's a thin line between love and hate. and he's standing right on it

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