Chapter 89: Mother Daughter Reunion.


She searched all the rooms in the house, even went down to the dungeons to check but she still couldn't find who she was looking for.

Then she came face to face with the door to the room she wasn't sure she wanted to enter. It's huge black mahogany door taunted her, daring her to push it open. To step into the room that she had not entered since she was a child. A room that was no doubt still filled with the presence of her late father.

But she shouldn't be scared, should she? She was the Queen of Sorceri, and with every second that passed, the thought started to solidify in her mind.

With a wave of her hand, she sent the door flying back and she stormed in, her eyes sweeping the dark walls of the room where a single portrait of Ariti hung. Her powers had the frame crashing to the ground face-down.

The man in the picture was dead. It was fitting that the picture should be destroyed too.

Her eyes searching the room, she saw a door behind a shelf. The shelf obstructed the door
Anya Ivy

We're getting so close to the end of the story (•‿•)

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