Chapter 90: You Love Her.


"If you value what is left of your miserable fucking life, you will tell me where my sister is right now."

Bran might as well be talking to himself because there was no sign on the man's face to show that he'd just heard what Bran said. His eyes remained completely shut and his face, blank.

Making a fist, Bran reared his hand back and sent his fist flying into the man's face, getting him right in his nose.

The asshole jerked from the impact and groaned, his hands flying to his face to cradle his broken bone, confirming Bran's suspicions that the man actually was alive but was just pretending that he wasn't so that Bran would think him dead and abandon him.

This was the man that had betrayed him. The man that had given confidential information to Ariti. The man that had indirectly contributed to him losing Maria.

At the thought, his heart gave a sharp throb and an ache started at the back of his right eye. Hating the man even more for what he had caused him, Bran sent two mor
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Anya Ivy
Honestly, I feel you haha
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Class N Sass
I don't trust Iris yet sorry not sorry. Man up and go fight for your girl Bran and be freaking honest for once.

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