Chapter 11

Luca’s POV

The fire had almost escalated into something way huge and tragic, but had been thankfully put off before it got to that point. Thick black smoke thickened the whole arena of the two story building which belonged to Philip, the assistant head general handling one of my numerous warehouses. From what I’ve been told, the top building had been set on fire in the middle of the night and the occupants there had all been able to get out and alert the ones living downstairs before the fire grew bigger. The firearms took extra long to arrive due to an accident that occurred on the road this early morning.

I turned towards Philip who was doing a very shitty job towards shielding how shaken up he was by what had occurred. His face was set in a harsh scowl, showing how pissed off he was, while his body language said another thing entirely.

“Philip.” I said quietly and as expected, he jolted upwards a little and puffed out his shoulders before turning toward me and lowering his he
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