Chapter 16

Sofia’s POV

I blinked my eyes open slowly and rubbed my fingers against my eyelids as I tried to register where I was for a few seconds before remembering where exactly I was in– Luca’s bed… well technically, my bed now.

I glanced sideways and found the space beside me empty like it had been before I had fallen asleep. It was a little after three a.m in the morning and I had been woken up by my filled up bladder. I hesitated in my spot on the bed and allowed my mind to roam free for a moment. Luca didn’t come home last night? Wasn’t he supposed to be in bed at the moment if he had ended up coming home last night.

It wasn’t like I was keen on him coming home, I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit, but he was supposed to be here nevertheless. Unless he was home, but not here at the moment. Perhaps he has decided to sleep in a different room tonight seeing as they’re a lot of rooms in the house.

Which was totally fine by me.

I wished I didn’t have to share a room with him in the first
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Talk to him!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Y every book make these female sound SO WEAK!! When did u write this 50years ago? Who is scared of a man actually liking them enough to marry them? You writers are weird or clearly think women are all slow or something

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