Chapter 173

Sofia’s POV

The meeting didn’t end up being a disaster, that I can say… but then it wasn't perfect. Luca had said I was going to get a better hang of it as the time went by, and that I shouldn’t beat myself up over the fact that I hadn’t been able to really pull it off. I had thankfully not ended up embarrassing myself right in front of those women, which was all that had really mattered to me from the very start. I moved my fingers into my hair and tugged on the roots a little, throwing my head back as I allowed my eyes to slide shut, as the evening breeze blew against my face.

It was three days after the meeting with the women of the official men in the mafia had happened, and things had returned back to how it used to be… I guess. I was currently sitting on the house balcony, and the cool evening breeze was blowing around really colder than I had expected it to be when I had made my way up here.

It had been some minutes before it got to eight p.m in the night when I had made my
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Chapter 172 here twice with no chapter 173…….
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Anna Marie
and missing chapter 173?
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Anna Marie
why is this chapter in here twice?

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