Chapter 175

Sofia’s POV

I hated the fact that each time I thought about that, all it did was make me feel even less powerful and more broken than ever, all it does is make me shed tears uncontrollably and make me question my existence, all it does is make me feel disgusted with myself even more.

A small sob slipped out of my mouth in the next second, and I pulled away from Luca with all of my strength, pushing myself away from the chair we had both been sitting on, and I made my way towards the banister on the balcony, standing before it but not pressing my body against it, and I pressed my hands against my face, covering my face from the dark night in shame as I sobbed quietly.

Tears streamed down my face and my body shook with the force of my tears, and I felt more embarrassed because Luca was right there, watching me break down without any sort of control.

I sobbed quietly, trying to stifle the sounds and also trying to stop my tears from pouring down at such a fast pace, but the tear
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