Chapter 180

Luca’s POV

What is eight years in this issue with the assaulter? It was nothing to be honest, I was going to deal with him in a way he wouldn’t ever forget. I hated men who acted like animals with a really intense passion, it was those kinds of men that went to kidnap my cousin Aria in hopes of getting their sick ways with her, and that only made me despise those kinds of people more.

I breathed out a small sigh, feeling my chest tighten up with the whole feeling that was currently coming forward to assault my brains at the same time, almost to the point of me feeling almost overwhelmed. I tugged Sofia against me even more, wrapping my arm more firmly around her waist and carding my fingers through her hair, moving my fingers to the front of her face to move some part of the hair on her face, to the side of her ear.

I leaned down and tugged her face upwards a little, until I was pressing my lip against the top of her head, dragging my lips softly against her forehead and puffing ou
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