Chapter 181

Luca’s POV

I leaned down and loosened my hold on her hair to slide it down her back, until my hand was gripping her thigh. I did the same with my other hand and once both my hands were on the same spots around her bare thighs – because she was currently in a small skirt, and I lifted her up in a single move.

She was startled at first, a small sound sliding out of her lips as her hands made to grasp at my shoulders, just as I tugged her thighs around my ribs and sides, so she’d be a head higher than I was in this position, and she stared down at me with wide eyes and parted lips, her hands holding tightly to my throat.

It was the first time I was completely lifting her into my arms since we got married and the only question that crossed my mind in the next moment, was the fact that why hadn’t I tried this out since all these while.

She felt really small and weightless in my arms and I held her tightly against me, staring up at her and just watching her. Her eyes fluttered a
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