Chapter 313

Luca’s POV

Armani was alive now and that was all that matters. After capturing the man behind all of this, who wan also shot in the arm and leg, he got taken hostage, because he still gave a lot of answering to do to me.

I cradled Armani in my arms and made sure he was breathing, before he got carefully lifted and placed in his car. To say I wasn’t blaming myself for all what had happened, would be an understatement. But then James’ words keep resounding in my head, that I wasn’t to blame myself for any of these.

After clearing out the now messy as hell scene, we headed straight for one of my condos here in italy, there was just no way I’d be taking him home this way, and taking him to an actual hospital was out of the question. From the look of his wound and how badly he had been bleeding before James had stopped the bleeding by tying a cloth to stop the flow of blood, it seems like he was going to be needing more than a few stitches, and so he was going to have to get tended to
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