Chapter 314

Luca’s POV

I found Sofia in her painting room.

After observing her for a while, I’ve come to notice that she took that room as a place where she found solace, it was why I had headed there straight.

She wasn’t painting, as expected. Instead, she was huddled on the far end of the room, on the ground, against the wall, with her legs pulled against her chest. She wasn’t asleep though, even though it was already half past eleven. Her eyes snapped up as soon as I had pushed the door open, and she was on her feet in an instant, as soon as she had noticed my presence.

She was dressed in a shirt, a white big shirt which I noticed was mine, and it was like a dress on her small body, as expected. Her hair was let down and they framed her face and sides, making her look so damn ethereal. Her eyes were what pulled me in, they were wide and sad and glassy, like she had been crying or had been about to start crying right now, and I felt my heart clench painfully in my chest.

I moved away from
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