Chapter 319

Sofia’s pov

The more I thought of it, the more the plan sounded really crazy and exciting in my head, and the more I regarded him through half open eyes from my spot at the other side of the room, the more I could feel my blood boil brighter inside of me.

I knew I had no idea of how I was going to go about it, because for one, it involves taking charge and making the decision here, and it wasn’t something I liked doing all that much– but that didn’t me less interested in carrying out the plan.

I went over the plan in my head once again, making sure I had mapped out how I was going to carry it out, and then I slowly pushed myself to my feet and puffed out a slow breath. Luca hasn’t even noticed me at all, which made a small pout settle on my face.

I love it when he gives me so much attention, loves when I was all he could focus on, it makes me feel really alive and adored all at once– and I know he wasn’t focusing on me right now because of the meeting he was currently having. The
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