116. Alpha Dex

It was a close call but just before midnight Alpha Frank’s troops from Jura appeared. Exactly as promised as our fire torches blazed we heard the heavy, weary sound of footsteps. The bulky men were representative of their pack leader. Horrifically strong, their muscles masked by flesh. No six-packs on display, just lethal strength and guts.

Their chief warrior Azus shook my hand and gave a bow. Draped in brown leather pleats with gold embellishments, Alpha Frank's second in command was a notorious warrior. As round as a cow, thigh as thick as my torso he was a monstrous figure.

His shadow alone would probably make the Greenway fighters run for their lives given their weak reputation. I was immensely grateful he was on our side. Alba is tough, strong and resourceful, he isn’t a buffalo on legs like this guy. /Fuck off/ Alba muttered in irriration, /we shall see who is swiftest into battle./

The lecture halls and classrooms of the Compound had been cleared out. All students who weren’t
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