Intertwined Destinies: The Alpha and the Omega
Intertwined Destinies: The Alpha and the Omega
Author: Sayiori


My life is a complete mess capable of driving even the sanest person crazy.   

I have no family, no homeland, much less a herd with which to live because everything was once taken away from me.      

I am a simple lonely woman, who travels from city to city creating stories with which I try to remember my existence.       

Hello I introduce myself, my name is Kreiger better known as Emma Robinson by humans and I am a product of the abominable relationship between my father an alpha, and my mother a human named Monit who died after bringing me to this cruel world.     

My childhood was quite brutal because the other members of the pack treated me like a pinball which I simply obeyed, I had no dignity, no right to speak and above all, I lacked my own identity, more of a doll without will simulate.      

I came to think that my tragic life would come to an end on the night of the twenty-seventh of January of two thousand and six when I was barely eight years old.    

Everything took place in the middle of the so frosty winter in the hidden part of the forests that divide Venencia de Belcier and there by orders of my father I was tortured and beaten almost to death.  

There in the forest, I was left to my fate practically lifeless at the mercy of whatever fate wanted to do based on its will with me. 

Lying on the ground, covered in blood unable to move the slightest part of my body I lay inert trying not to lose consciousness.  

Believe me that I was fighting with every one of the forces contained in my little body, I was doing it at the same time that I was crying trying to resist, trying to endure.      

A good time passed in which I was completely alone there, the cold was getting worse and worse and I could even feel how it was burning my skin. 

I felt that torturous feeling as it entered with rage through my body taking over every part of me as it passed, curling me up in a gloomy melody played by death itself, the most terrifying ever heard.  

Some seconds passed until my eyes began to weigh already tired and overwhelmed, I dazzled in the distance by the little glow that rose in the sky after that winter night, and little by little after feeling fatigued and guided by sleep I began to fade so I had to admit that I was scared completely terrified.   

I wanted to live, but I was afraid that it was too late for me, and without expecting to receive much in life I even came to think that I was not even worthy of being heard, so after taking a deep breath I gave up completely losing consciousness.      

Death a short time later I came to dance victoriously after thinking that I would have so easily a new victim to take, but for her, such an achievement would not be so easy to claim, because, despite everything I lived, my prayer had been heard, you will wonder how else I can only say that I was lucky.      

And I say that I was lucky because by the work of the heavens and without knowing it at that moment I was right on the road where an old hermit wolf transitive.  

That, like every snowy day, he had gone out to collect some herbs together with some wood to light the bonfire and he was precisely on his way home carrying the little he had been able to find while he was energetically pulling his sleigh.      

Such a subject was already a fairly old man so the weight of the years had already begun to wreak havoc on his body, his legs were no longer as strong as before so the consequences of life had begun to take their toll on them. 

So lonely, he pulled and pulled following a path perfectly known to his person until out of nowhere he stumbled upon something in the middle of the road.  

At first, he thought it could be a rock or maybe an old log because covered by a thin layer of snow it was there, so without thinking twice he approached, touched it and when he tried to lift it he realized that it was not at all part of the idea that had been formed.      

That old man got a tremendous fright when he noticed my completely listless and agonizing body. 

Fear paralyzed him not very well I contemplate myself so before such an image I did not know what to do, much less how to act. 

So it was that he began to fight against himself under a dispute in which he put in which balance to help me or not because valla had made it quite difficult for him.      

After all, listening to reason and confirming that he was still alive quite weak, but alive, I take him with me.      

Without hesitation, in his home, I stayed making a place for myself at his table and both that old man and his wife took care of me. 

Both sacrificed their rest, their dreams of living in the mountains alone and away from the world in the hope of dying one day together as one being.  

Although such a dream was first of all their greatest longing, they gave up on it to instead give me a future, one which I thank with all my soul and which I will honor eternally. 

So it was then that after some time living in that forest that the three of us ended up living in the center of Venice city which, after all, saw me grow up.       

With them, I learned what it meant to have a real family and although I didn't carry their blood I could call them grandparents since calling them parents with how old they both were would look a little strange. 

So both Sonn and Aerdmound who were called by humans Eliot and Linsey became the most important thing in my life.      

The years passed after that fateful day of such a snowy white, my life took on even another meaning, one where once only the gray of the abyss shone, it began to have another nuance and with a greater value.       

Both my grandfather and grandmother, despite my condition as something they do not care about, trained me, educated me, filled me with love, and formed me in such a way that I was able to be completely independent for that reason I became an entirely different person.  

Thanks to them I became a person in whom there was no trace of weakness because they had managed to highlight so much of the good in me that I do not doubt how much as a person and as a wolf I could give having those complete reasons before anything.  

Perhaps I think that first of all they prepared me to face their departure because they knew that at the right moment when I no longer needed them, the right moment I no longer depended on them. After all, I had to face myself alone against the world, they should finally leave.      

A few years later and in the middle of my adult life that moment arrived, I had not very well turned twenty-one, calculating clearly this from the human development cycle, and in the same way that Linsey and Eliot came into my life they disappeared.  

Saying goodbye was never the forte of both of them so when they disappeared it was first of all without giving a word or any clue and never to return.   

Now when I start to think I blame myself because I should have imagined that this would happen.  

The clues were very obvious because for a few weeks both were behaving strangely and so much was the abnormality of the situation that even to my hands they gave their most precious treasure an old reliquary which I keep today with my life.     

That small object was the only thing that had been granted to them along with a fairly clear message about Belcier because if I ever went to that city that small object my life was going to guide me.   

Such an object is first of all singularly delicate to the eye, inside it carries a small jewel that could be visible at the right moment of being opened which remains clamped right in one half of that reliquary a small sapphire perfectly embedded.  

Now, on the other side shone perfectly carved the initials BD initials which made me especially curious because I completely did not know what they meant next to it lie tied some strands of hair some of them with a unique aroma and different from any other.  

Losing them like that was more than painful and it was for such a feeling that sometime later because of their disappearance that I left Venice some season to travel the world for about three years where I enjoyed endless places in which some so many I was well received and where in others my back was turned.   

While in a hurry those years passed without any rest, without providing the slightest respite as if first of all haste was paramount.   

Everything was going well perfect before anything until the time came to return and as a result of a decision made almost hastily I ended up moving from Venice to Belcier cities that, although you continue are separated by a few kilometers. 

Such a city figured in the thoughts of my childhood as part of my greatest dream because on more than one occasion I got to visualize myself walking its streets while enjoying its landscape thanks to the stories that grandparents used to tell me and it is right there where my story begins by the hand of that alpha wrongly named Bastrii.

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