V. The weight of our doubts

Life is sometimes curious and inopportune because it listens to us at the most inappropriate moments to give us sometimes somewhat blatant lessons.     

I know I am aware that I had been complaining for a short time because I was not able to perceive even a single one of my kind in this city, which was strange.   

More than anything he seemed to find himself completely free of our existence situation that was impossible because we are like a living plague since where you least expect it we are, but with a simple ace of fate everything was changed easily and drastically.     

Due to a simple oversight, sometimes partly due to my clumsiness and my unparalleled recklessness product of that feeling of fear that overwhelmed me after seeing that name reflected on the wall, that my life was almost hanging by a thread after that car almost hit me.  

Such a provoking reaction that in such a dramatic and, to put it another way, overwhelming situation will end up wrapped up and will finally find me in the presence of not one but two wolves.  

Just when the driver got out of that car, that characteristic animal smell of ours rose into the air with force.  

By the way he moved, talked and smelled, I could tell that the driver was nothing more than a beta who kept himself under the orders of whoever was possibly in the car.   

Now, when the other passenger left his seat, a chill ran down my back.  

Her smell was different, it was imposing and overwhelming feeling that only the alphas can produce in us omegas, which they use more than anything to keep us at their mercy.  

Such a scent is usually pleasant, tempting and extremely idiotic except in my case.   

You will wonder why, because being the daughter of an alpha, I must have been constantly fighting against his scent, which more than anything helped me to have control, so we become less likely to give in against him, although any wolf in my condition would easily fall at his feet.   

I immediately realized that I began to worry because that those two were there did not mean anything good for me, or for anyone.     

So, I started a merely conscious battle against myself because I could not let them touch me or completely decipher who I really was because with the simple fact of understanding my identity as omega they could try to capture me like a trophy to make me part of their loot.   

For several minutes I was struggling to stay away from that driver, which was not easy, the truth was that he openly insisted on wanting to touch me, but I could not allow it.  

I knew first of all that I had to quickly find a way to escape as soon as possible, but that one did not give me the slightest breath.     

As I could in the end I managed to escape without them having managed to touch even the slightest hair of my being.

I just managed to get away and turn my back on them leaving them there in the middle of that road to quickly hide in the building that is now my home.     

Without resting I ran, climbed the stairs that lead to the first floor and without stopping I reached the other two until I reached the third level.  

So without resting I took the corridor to the door of the apartment and after entering, I slammed that door as securely as possible.      

Between those four walls I locked myself begging after all not to be completely discovered because I had already formed somewhat frightening ideas, because alphas usually become ante omegas, cruel and dominant.      

...Minutes later! …      

It's been about an hour next to a few minutes and for some time now I find myself sitting on the window ledge after finally calming down.  

There I seek to distract my agitated being by contemplating how the streets of Belcier rise strangely beautiful to find themselves extremely illuminated after dark, by the lamps that run along the sidewalks filling it with light at all lengths and widths.    

I have been settled there for a long time, surrounded by nostalgia after my thoughts being constantly bombarded with old memories of yesterday.  

First of all I remained extremely concentrated when out of nowhere I began to feel thanks to my audacious hearing how the knob of the access door was being particularly moved from one side to the other since someone insistently sought to open that wide causing fear to take over me again.    

I tried somehow to calm myself down to accommodate logic and reason, I tried to think maybe that it would be nothing bad, but who am I kidding if the nerves I felt for more is to say that they were quite treacherous and super overwhelming.     

Without thinking twice, with great speed and stealth I stood up to delicately step by step approach the door.  

Once already in position product of nerves I began to temper, since I had never been in front of another alpha in my life that was not my father and for some reason I thought that maybe that one would be on the other side, probably false illusions of mine.     

The surprise I took after sticking my face to the door to observe through the peephole and realize who was the person who was there waiting patiently on the other side because it was only about Lina.   

Seeing him gave me the greatest sense of tranquility as I realized that my ideas and thoughts were unfounded and lacked reality, so I carefully removed the security locks and opened that door wide.     

"Hello. "     

With what a smile those words are emitted by that girl who, watching from the side, kept opening that door after me, while continuing to say    

"What's the matter? Because you were locked up like that. "   

"Lina and you so early at home. "    

With a laugh of satisfaction I pronounce those words trying to hide my expressions from view, while replying that phrase because curiously your presence despite being a human gives me a lot of peace after living this chaos.     

"Mr. Lombardi asked me to retire, he ordered me not to leave you alone, but to all this you have not answered me, what is the matter? "      

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't tell the truth about what happened and just the fact of mentioning it would probably make me delve into details, so the best option was to utter a simple lie.    

"It's that as I was going to lie down for a while I was sorry to leave her like this without security, now, I don't understand what that comes from, why don't you leave me alone? And that's because... "     

Pronounce trying to change the subject.   

"He didn't tell me, I just emphasize that it was good that we both spent time together. "       

"On the one hand, it is well heard and on the other it is strange you could say that it is strangely flattering coming from the uncle.  "    

I let out a somewhat playful laugh from me to prevent the fear still present in my person from being noticed by her, but Lina remained there static staring at me with curiosity.  

So taking advantage of those circumstances in the middle of such a moment that welcome turned into an attempt to escape because finally after having him there, close the door and start my escape to my room.     

I thought, since I didn't want her to notice my obvious discomfort, the right thing would be to leave and thus hide from her was the right thing to do more than anything because first of all I didn't want to make her part of an undeserved punishment for her person.   

After a few seconds I observed her and I started my walk through that corridor that leads towards the bedrooms, but Lina had other plans, because not very well she saw me take some big steps to advance in my escape that girl stopped me.      

"Wait a minute Emma I want to make you an invitation. "      

"An invitation! What kind of" he questioned while I turn around.    

"It's a simple thing, really, because we don't go for a while to the bar that is on the mirador.     

"To go there, it's a little late, really. "      

"Yes, it will only be a short time, besides I haven't had dinner yet and I'm very hungry. "     

"It sounds good, although I'm not in the mood, I don't want to go out. "     

"Why? "     

"I'm just not in the mood. "     

"You like that, that is really strange until yesterday whenever I have mentioned a walk you are filled with emotion. "     

That nervous laugh arose again in my face this time full of doubts, no matter how much I wanted I could not say a single word about what happened that day, although it deserved it and much less could I face the danger that comes with knowing our existence.     

"It's nothing, I'm just a little tired," she stressed trying to get her doubts to be dispelled.     

A few more minutes passed where we had a constant tug of war between the two.  

On the one hand, she was trying with all her might to convince me and on the other hand I was simply trying to take the opposite to avoid the fact of leaving.      

The question extrapolated and before I even realized it Lina had finally convinced me.  

First of all, the level of insistence and conviction that she was capable of manifesting even in her human capacity was surprising, so for that reason, in the end, it became impossible for me to refuse her request.     

After some time once and when both of us were finally ready we left Vinchenzo.  

Not very soon we arrived at the sidewalk a taxi approached, it did not give us time to even think clearly when that one was already at our side giving the feeling that the universe yes or yes wanted us in that place.      

Finally we arrived and after providing the direction to the driver that man stepped on the accelerator leaving in a hurry away from the sidewalk.  

Although the path is not relatively long to the viewpoint because it takes no more than ten minutes to climb to the top, for me it turned out to be more than eternal, and once at the top right next to the bar that one left us.     

I don't know if it was the product of such an impression of what I experienced at that moment or if the discomfort that consumed me was significantly exhausting, but after getting out of that vehicle the feeling of chills took over my movements once again.  

So for some reason I again began to feel afraid, although I was not able to detect even the slightest sign of danger around.

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