VII. Wolf on the Prowl (The Sound of Death) - II

There was no way out, we were completely doomed was what I presumed, everything after that turned out to feel so uncertain and so far from one's own life that one could even come to feel that it was almost certain that we would have no future.

By fate, despite the obvious fear, I still remained strong and with a cold head because looking at Lina trembling the way she did forced me to fight against whatever I wanted to hurt her, because I simply could not allow her to be hurt.

What moved me even more was to notice that just like me Lyall had the same thought preserving that girl's life was fundamental.

The tension was increasing more and more and next to it an unusual heaviness could be perceived in the environment.

The air around felt extremely saturated, charging as if death had settled on us and kept covering us with its veil, approaching perhaps like an old friend running to meet us and…


Lina could no longer stand so much accumulated information that the experie
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