VIII. Who is this Bastrii?

A mocking laugh broke out from between his lips without a doubt my words turned out to be nothing before his person and as if nothing was worth the redundancy, he continued his march in a fixed direction to where he was definitely walking.

A few more seconds were more than enough until we reached its destination which was nothing more than a clearing in the middle of the bed that gives access to the viewpoint who is away from the bar for a few meters was where he led me.

Once there, after arriving at the edge of a vehicle that in any case was on, he finally stopped his walk.

"We have arrived little list" that incredulous while he looked at my face maintaining above all an obvious air of pedantry that could easily be confused with chivalry.

For my part, I kept silent and just dedicated myself to keeping calm, especially attentive to what he was doing.

That was then how I ended up fixing my eyes completely on his person before his seductive gaze and who with great delicacy once
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