Chapter 7


The morning came quicker than I had expected, the sun peeked through the clouds and the rays managed to creep their way through the small gap of the curtain. The weather seemed colder than before, and the temperature was even lower than other days.

Definitely, winter was closer.

I removed the duvet off my body and stood up, the tiredness of my body seemed to vanish soon as I had taken a few steps. I completed my shower and brushed my teeth removing any trace of the unpleasant morning breath.

As I was done drying my hair, a knock on the door was what interrupted the silence in my room. I reached for the door and opened it.

A maid stood in front of the room.

"King Micheal has called you to his room," her eyes filled with jealousy for something I couldn't decipher.

"He needs his breakfast?" I questioned.

"No, The Kings have already taken their breakfast," She said.

"Then Why?" I questioned out of curiosity.

"I don't know, you should check that by yourself," With that curt reply she judgmentally stared down at my face before she walked away.

Sighing, I made my way out of the room.

Why did he call me to his room? Strange.

As I reached his room, I saw the guard who seemingly opened the door and let me in. I could see the room was giant, even though I hadn't stepped in yet.

Soon as I entered the room, I realized that nervousness had already taken place in the pit of my stomach. His scent was all over the room and I didn't know why I could smell it so profoundly, I surely didn't have that super ability to catch scents but whenever they were around me I could catch every one of their scents.

It was even weird that I liked it.

As my eyes trailed to the figure sitting on the bed, my breathing got caught in my throat as if I'm being choked.

King Micheal sat at the edge of the bed, his tousled hair shined under the light, and his eyes fixated on me probably from the moment I had walked in.

"So, you are here..." There was a stretch in his tone but what surprised me was his fingers moving to unbutton his shirt.

My eyes widened and a gasp slipped past my lips, "W-what are....what are you doing?"

He seemed to understand the reason behind my stutter and his eyes shined in amusement.

"What do you think I'm doing?" A small smirk played at the corner of his lips as he walked towards me, it was so hard concentrating on his face whilst his whole chest was on display and the tattoo inked on his skin that was more stunning than I had thought it would be.

"I-I," Before I could figure anything out, all I registered was my pressed against the door with King Micheal hovering over me.

His both hands rested on the door trapping me between them, My face went all red at the closeness. This

"Don't worry little one," He chuckled noticing my expression, "I heard that you gave a good massage so...." unexpectedly he tucked one of my hair strands behind my ear, "I'd like to ask you if you could give me one?"

I remained mum. Unable to think straight.

He wants a massage in this early morning?!

"Actually yes, my back is stiff due to working all day long," He added answering the question in my head. The amusement in his eyes never faded.

Shit! I again forgot to tune down my thoughts.

"Okay, I mean...I can do it," I nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat.

Thankfully he moved away and walked back towards the bed.

"What do I need to do?" He questioned as he took off his shirt.

Oh. My. God.

Those muscles.....couldn't be any more perfect. The perfectly toned abs as if they were shadowed with a paintbrush and perfected to perfection and his broad shoulders. I could literally drool at the sight.

He looked heavenly.

"Ahm... You can lay on your back," I cleared my throat.

"Okay," He nodded and got on the bed, "C'mere,"

I found myself nodding and getting on the bed as well, now we both were sitting facing each other, and as expected he looked double of my size even in his sitting position.

His gaze stayed on me for a couple of seconds before he laid on his back.

Damn it! This was going to be awkward or maybe not...

I tried to figure out how to start it but judging by his broad back the only position that could work was supposedly me straddling his back. I bit my lips before I slowly put myself in the position, he seemed well aware of it but remained calm and unaffected.

I rested my weight on my knees and slowly trailed began to massage his shoulder in a circular motion. His voice visibly shivered at the first contact so did mine but neither of us spoke a word.

Unaffected and silent, I kept my movements steady. The exact warmth I had experienced yesterday in the incident with King Lucien passed through my body.

I felt the vampire laying under me slowly relaxing and emitting a soft sigh, I reached behind the spot on his neck and slowly dragged my fingers down, and that caused him to let out another sound but this one was much lower as if he was suppressing something.

A purr?

"Did it hurt?" I questioned slowing my movements.

"Not at all," He responded.

"Okay," I continued my motions again. It was even more surprising that I wasn't disliking the task. More likely enjoying his little reactions.

Was this weird that I was liking it? I don't know.

"Your hands can work magic, Jasmine," His voice had turned an edge deeper.

"Um..thank you?" My face turned red as a tomato again.

He chuckled at my response.

A few moments passed in silence before he suddenly questioned, "Where did you use to live before you came here?"

The question left me in a haze of blurry memories. I could see the little fragments of a big garden, a long corridor, and beautiful lightning but not the exact picture. The sound of a soothing female voice calling my name and the chuckle of a man and the giggle of a little girl but again...the agonizing cries and shouts, the sight of widespread fire, the shivers of terror, and the arms of a woman bracing me whilst the darkness engulfs.

That was all. Nothing else could be spotted. Everything would just vanish the moment the darkness would surround my vision.

"Jasmine?" King Micheal's voice broke my gaze.

"Oh, sorry," I spoke, "I just zoned out,"

"Where did you use to live?"

"I can't remember it," I sighed out, "It's all a blur as if someone had taken a big part of my memory and discarded it,"

"You can't remember anything at all? He questioned.

"What I can remember are the small fragments of the main picture," I spoke the truth, my hands never stopping from continuing their motions.

"Like what?" He sounded genuinely interested.

"A garden with roses, peony, lavender, Aster," I began, "A little girl giggling and running down the stairs, the soothing voice of a woman calling my name whom I can't see and the chuckle of a man whose face I can't remember," My movements slowed down as I talked.

"Then there's the gigantic flame of fire crashing everything down, the loud agonizing cries buzzing around, the screams and shouts, the crowd of something, and the arms of a woman bracing me before everything faded into nothingness," I finished. I didn't know why my body had gone all cold as I described it.

King Micheal's body had also stiffened. I couldn't see his reaction but I could tell he was in deep thought.

"Jasmine?" He spoke after a moment.


"You can go now," He said. Although I hadn't expected him to say this I moved away from his anyway. As I began to move toward the door, his voice stopped me.


Hesitantly I turned around to look at him. He walked towards me, his lips pulling upwards for a smile.

He stopped in front of me and his hand moved to softly cup my cheek, "Thank you," He brushed his thumb on my skin, the smile looked endearing and the gaze was intense.

The furious blush took place causing the heat to spread.

"Y-You're welcome," I nervously spluttered before I ran out of the room unable to control the smile he had already spotted on me.

The last thing I heard was his chuckle as I exited the place.

The Vampire kings were definitely affecting me more than I had thought they would be.

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