Chapter 50

Third person's P.O.V

Breaking away from the chains of the intractable effects of the blood moon, the vampires finally came back to their senses but it was too late.

They'd already damaged Jasmine more than anyone could ever


Their eyes widened in horror and their hearts stopped beating for a second when they looked down at Jasmine.

They couldn't believe what they did to her, how badly they hurt her that there was not even an inch on her skin left that was not covered in marks or cuts they unknowingly gave him.

The overwhelming guilt attacked them like a giant wave swashing and hitting the shore with all of its force, they were clueless and most importantly shocked. They couldn't understand why Jasmine did it, why did she even come to this room in the first place.

"Jasmine, open your eyes..." Micheal patted Jasmine's cheek trying to wake her up, his focus has drifted so much that he did even get the moment to notice that her entire body had gone blue....because of their venom.
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