Chapter 52

Third Person's P.O.V

After an hour-long healing process, Jasmine's wounds were no longer there.

The sight of Jasmine's wounds finally disappearing provided some sort of comfort to her mates although their hearts were still aching for her. The pain wouldn't go away until they get to see the smile of Jasmine's again.

Steve in his hands had the large syringe filled with Elijah's blood waiting for the healing rays to fully vanish.

The room was fully dark and it was kept that way for the entire transformation to happen smoothly. Only one torch was there in the middle of the room that provided a mere amount of lightning helping to keep Jasmine's figure visible to everyone in the room.

Steve walked closer to Jasmine, he silently chanted the spells. Unlike Pierson, his eyes had turned black— Completely black to even differentiate his eyes and the tenacious darkness lurking inside the room.

Black smoke began to emerge in gusts from the dark corners of the four walls, a hazy wind began blowing
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