Chapter 53

Third Person's P.O.V

"What?! Jasmine is Lord Fredrick's Daughter?" Micheal's eyes widened in shock, he couldn't believe what he was nearing nor anyone else in the room could.

It was so sudden that it left everyone in disbelief and somehow in denial.

"Yes, she is," Martha said, "She is the princess of the Vaidel dynasty whom none had ever seen, the only daughter of Lord Fredrick and Queen Katherine— Jasmine Doloris Winchester. "

"What the hell are you talking about? The princess was found dead beside Queen Katherine's body." Elijah decided to speak.

"The girl found beside Queen Katherine's body was not her daughter," Martha let out, "That night of the attack, Queen Katherine and lord Fredrick were the main targets of those rouges after they'd killed everybody. Saving Jasmine was impossible but her parents saved her with their great sacrifice, That was who was found beside queen Katherine was an already dead girl whom queen Katherine intentionally took in her arms and ran to distract t
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