Chapter 55


For a moment before I opened my eyes, everything had gone completely dark, and in the darkness, there were those memories of me and Martha living in different countries for over a century remained there; How she constantly erased my memory after we'd left a place and moved to another was also there. And there were also these remembrances where she took care of me and kept me safe.

All the memories struck me at once like a storm and my eyes opened on their own, meeting with the harsh light of the morning sun.

My body shot to sit up, my heart beat like a drum, and the cold sweat covered my entire body. I did not notice my surrounding or my mates who were just beside me nor did I notice my extended nails and fangs.

I was in a complete perplexing mess for a moment, a haze and the overwhelming feeling of getting myself back— Getting my identity back. But at the same time, I could feel this intense pressure of grief and sorrow. The loss I never got the chance to mourn for, the loss
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