Chapter 2

  She came down from the car and went straight to her room. It seemed strange that she was missing her baby, her heart was beating fast and wouldn't rest till she had seen and carried her daughter in her arms. She reached her room and went to the bed but all that she saw was an empty blanket, "Where's my baby?'' She asked no one in particular. Just then, her mother walked in. "Don't worry Yin Mian,your baby is safe and in capable hands." Her mother said. "What do you mean?where's my daughter?" Yin Mian questioned. "She has been put in an orphanage far away and I just received news that she has been adopted." Yin Mian's mother replied.

  "Mother, what do you mean, tell me you're joking." Yin Mian said, trying not to let the tears fall. "My darling Mian, I'm not one to make such jokes. I put your daughter in a far away orphanage and just received a call telling me she's been adopted. Don't worry she's really in good hands, I assure you." Yin Mian's mother said. Yin Mian fell on her knees and wept,she had been broken. Her daughter had given her a new kind of hope but that was shattered now,by her own mother.

  Yin Mian fainted. It took some few days before she eventually agreed to see and talk to her parents. Aunt Yunxi had actually gone to the hospital and talked some sense into her. Aunt Yunxi was really the one who had brought the idea, Yin Mian's parents' initial plan was for Yin Mian to abort the child but aunt Yunxi managed to convince them to allow Yin Mian to birth the child. She told them the child was innocent and that she didn't want them to kill an innocent child but as stubborn as they were, they only agreed with her after she brought the suggestion of taking the baby to an orphanage.

  "My dear please forgive me and your parents and don't cry anymore, I only did what I did in a desperate attempt to save your child's life. As for your parents, they are only thinking about your wellbeing, they think the baby will be a distraction. This world of ours is a very small place and you will surely meet your daughter again. When you're ready for the responsibility of motherhood, your daughter will find a way back to you,I assure you. At least there's still hope, it's better if she's alive and with someone else than being dead and flushed away like some piece of garbage." Aunt Yunxi encouraged her.

  Yin Mian took her aunt's advice, she stopped mourning the loss of her child and soon went back to her old self. She started going to school again, she had already gone through so many distractions, so she had to concentrate on her studies. One thing was for sure, she kept hope alive that one day,she would meet with her daughter again. And she, Lu Xianjian and their daughter would be together and be one big happy family.

  Six years had passed by quickly but not smoothly for Yin Mian. Many times,she had missed her daughter dearly but she had managed to encourage herself. Yin Mian had become an actress but not a famous one. Her parents had actually offered to help her in her career because they had a lot of connections but she had refused their help. She couldn't take help from them remembering what they had done. After that incident of them giving away her baby six years ago,somehow, she couldn't bring herself to trust her own parents.

  Her best friend in high school, Hua Vao, was now her manager. "Yin Mian why are you being stubborn like this?Please just accept your parents' offer,they are your parents after all." Hua Vao advised.

  "Their help comes with a price, I'm sure they'll ask me for something in return, the last time I went to visit them,they asked me to get married and when I told them I would get married to no one else but Lu Xianjian they were furious at hearing me say that and I just had to leave. Hua Vao we've been very good friends since high school and I can't lie to you. I won't be able to pay you,so you should find a more worthy actress as your boss. I'm thinking about dropping showbiz and settling down to do something else." Yin Mian confessed.

  "Yin Mian don't say that, you're the best boss any manager could ever wish for. Yin Mian you were born for acting so don't ever think about dropping showbiz again." Hua Vao said. Just then, Hua Vao switched on the TV and the news reporter announced that Lu Xianjian, the king of entertainment, was coming back. The footage showed that Lu Xianjian was just coming down from the private jet ,walking by his side was a beautiful lady.

  "Lu Xianjian is coming back after all these years, I can't believe he's really back. It's been six years since I last saw him,he's changed completely. He seems more fancy and handsome but he still has his cute and innocent face with those daring eyes." Yin Mian said dreamily. "Yin Mian I'm so happy for you." Hua Vao congratulated giving her a hug. "But who's that lady walking side by side with him?" Yin Mian couldn't help asking Hua Vao, she really wished nothing would go wrong.

  "Well I don't know but she shouldn't be a threat, right? Because if I remember correctly, Lu Xianjian loves you very much and no matter the distance or time that keeps you apart, nothing can be able to separate you." Hua Vao declared. "Thanks for the encouragement but I better go see Lu Xianjian. It's been so long and I want to see him for myself. If he looks so good on the screen, then I wonder how it's going to be when I see him in person. I think I'm going to fall in love with him all over again." Yin Mian said excitedly.

  "But madam lovesick, meeting the king of entertainment isn't a piece of cake. You see,Lu Xianjian's isn't the simple poor boy we used to know, he's made quite a fortune and he's changed a lot. He isn't called the king of entertainment for nothing, he owns the biggest entertainment company in China. He's got one in Australia and one in America. You've seen and watched his films right? he's really serious with what he does." Hua Vao said.

  "You know I have seen every one of his films, I'm his biggest admirer. Finally, I get to meet him after six long years. Oh! Hua Vao, it almost feels like a dream." Yin Mian said, turning around. "Yin Mian come down please because at this rate, you're going to die of excitement before we even get there." Hua Vao jokes. "Let's get ready, I can't wait!" Yin Mian exclaimed and dashed to her room to change her clothes. When Yin Mian was dressed and they were ready to go, they both went to Lu incorporated.

  Hua Vao was right, meeting with Lu Xianjian almost seemed impossible. There were a crowd of reporters and journalists outside and the security guards weren't going to let anyone in or out of the office. "Yin Mian let's go,we can meet with Lu Xianjian another time. It's too crowded and the security guards won't let us in." Hua Vao said. "No, I have to see Lu Xianjian today, I've waited this long and I can't wait any longer." She said and immediately had an idea. They dressed up as tea girls and told the security guards they were bringing tea for the king,they were allowed to enter into the office where they also told the secretary the same thing. She let them in and told the security guards to secure the perimeter.

  Once they were in,they giggled quietly, they couldn't believe they had actually gotten in. "Mr Lu,your tea is here." The secretary announced. "I didn't call for tea." Lu Xianjian replied. "Should I send them away?" The secretary asked. "No need, send them in." He replied and Yin Mian went in with the tray of tea but he did not see her because he was busy on his laptop. She gave one to the lady that she had seen with him on the TV and she gave the last to him. She accidentally spilled a little of the tea on his laptop. "What's wrong with you?" He asked immediately, standing up from his chair. "I'm so sorry, let me clean it up" Yin Mian apologized and tried cleaning the laptop.

  He looked at her face and was surprised to see who it was. "Yin Mian?" he asked, smiling.

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