Chapter 4

  Hua Vao, who had been watching the drama in suspense, spoke. "Yin Mian how could you be so ignorant. At times you surprise me, this is Chen Qiangu the current CEO of Chen united group of companies. I'm sorry for the trouble we've caused you president Chen." Hua Vao apologized. "It's no problem." President Chen accepted. "I'm asking you to marry me, it could actually be a contract marriage. My family have been on my trail concerning my marriage and I'm sure you can also benefit from this marriage. There must be something you want, just name it and it's yours. Think about it,I'll wait outside." Chen Qiangu said and left.

  "Before we talk about what just happened, I want you to tell me what happened while you were in Lu Xianjian's office. You just ran out in tears and before I knew it, you got into an accident. You have to tell me what happened, did he say something to upset you?" Hua Vao questioned.

  Yin Mian sighed and told her everything that had transpired between Lu Xianjian and herself. Hua Vao was livid at hearing it.

  "Why would he do something like that? Has he gone mad? How could he be heartless enough to say those things to you?" Hua Vao questioned and Yin Mian said nothing, willing herself not to cry anymore.

  "Yin Mian, it's a good thing that President Chen has asked you to marry him. This is a lifetime opportunity and you mustn't waste it. President Chen seems interested in you and I'm sure you'll both get along just fine." Hua Vao said excitedly. "Hua Vao, I can't marry him. I barely know him and moreover, I don't love him." Yin Mian said.

  "Yin Mian stop being so melodramatic, this is the real world. There is no such thing as love and you've found that out for yourself, it's time to move on. You've already wasted six years on that bastard and it's time you dropped this whole lovey dovey stuff, it's outdated. This marriage will only benefit you and with it,you can get your revenge on that bastard Lu Xianjian and show him that you've moved on and that you can live without him. So what do you say?"Huo Vao evaluated.

  "I don't think it's such a good idea." Yin Mian was reluctant. "Come on Mian, say yes." Hua Vao persuaded. "Alright, I'll say yes." She agreed. A few hours later,President Chen came in and Yin Mian gave her answer. "I'll marry you." She said,

  The marriage between Chen Qiangu and Yin Mian had actually been private. Only Chen Qiangu's and Yin Mian's parents were present. They had actually signed the marriage certificate in the registrar, it was a brief court marriage. Yin Mian had been the one to request for it,she had set her plan in motion and this was only the beginning. Thinking about Lu Xianjian's actions, the love she once had for him had turned to hatred. A deep hatred and burning passion for revenge on the one who hurt her. Chen Qiangu and Yin Mian both entered the car and it drove them to their new home.

  Soon it was their wedding night, Yin Mian put a big teddy bear in between them and said. "Ours is a contract marriage and you know it,I hope you don't plan on touching me cause it's never gonna happen." "My little kitten, you're my wife now and there should be no restrictions." Chen Qiangu said, pulling Yin Mian's leg.

  "I don't trust you one bit." She said and got up from the bed,she walked around the room doing nothing. She didn't want to fall asleep so that Chen Qiangu wouldn't have an opportunity with her. The day's events had taken a toll on her and what she didn't know was that by behaving like a warrior, she was only making herself more tired. She couldn't help staying awake and began walking. "Poor thing,I was just kidding and you took it so seriously. You can come and sleep, I promise I won't touch you." He said and covered himself with the blanket.

  Yin Mian saw she had no other option because she was so tired, dashed to the bed and before long, she was fast asleep. "My little kitten is sleeping so peacefully." Chen Qiangu said staring at Yin Mian's beautiful face, she looked so cute when she slept. Before long, he also fell asleep.

  It was true Chen Qiangu was such a handsome man,he was perfectly made with a beautiful face moulded to perfection. His eyes were innocent yet daring, he had a cute little nose and pink thin lips. He was very charming indeed. Chen Qiangu had taken a liking for Yin Mian in the hospital because she was the only woman who he had met that didn't care about his status, she was rather repulsive.

  He had not gotten married ever since because he had not found the right girl. His parents, especially his younger brother, had set up tons of dates for him but the only thing the women tried to do was to please and impress him no matter what it took. On one occasion, a girl had told him she was ready to do anything just so she could marry him. He thought she had just been bluffing and decided to test her. He told the lady to bend on her knees and hands, just like a dog and bark. He thought she would refuse but surprisingly, she did and worst of all, in public.

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