Chapter 5

  The people kept staring at them thinking she was crazy and when he could no longer take the embarrassing looks, he had to leave. The lady wasn't at all perturbed and just kept following saying he could test her all he wanted because she was ready to do anything.

  The ladies he had been forced to meet up with didn't want to marry him because he was Chen Qiangu, a handsome lad but because he was President Chen, the current CEO of Chen united group of companies.

  Yin Mian was the only lady who had made a difference and that was why he immediately liked her and decided to marry her.

  The next morning, Chen Qiangu woke up and found Yin Mian out of bed. He had a bath and dressed up neatly.He went down and was surprised to see the table full of sumptuous meals, many of which were his favourites. "Good morning, so you're finally awake." Yin Mian greeted as she put the last dish of tuna soup on the table. "Good morning, wow! The table looks fit for royalty. Did you have the workers prepare this." Chen Qiangu asked, sitting down. "No, I prepared everything myself." Yin Mian said surprising president Chen. "Then you deserve a reward, just name it." Chen Qiangu said. "I need your help." Yin Mian replied.

  "You need my help? For what exactly?" Chen Qiangu asked. "Due to the swiftness of our marriage, I never got the chance to tell you about my past and I need your help to get back at the one who hurt me so deeply." Yin Mian said, speaking in riddles. "If you could explain more, then I might just be able to help you." President Chen said.

  Yin Mian told him everything that happened between her and Lu Xianjian in the past and what he had said when she had gone to his office. As much as she tried to hold back the tears, she couldn't. By the time she finished explaining to President Chen, she broke down in tears. Chen Qiangu saw that she was truly hurt.

  "Don't worry Yin Mian, today I promise you I will avenge your humiliation. Lu Xianjian will not only meet his downfall,that bastard will have nowhere to hide." Chen Qiangu promised to hold Yin Mian's hand. "I'm sorry if my words hurt you by any chance but it's the truth." Yin Mian apologized.

  Chen Qiangu quickly ate his breakfast and Yin Mian relayed the plan to him. He promised he would make her plan work and would get her what she wanted. He left for work but before he did, for the first time ever, Yin Mian hugged him and said 'thank you'.

  Chen Qiangu smiled and left. He would call her when he got to the office to give her more information to make their plan successful. When he reached the office and found out what he was looking for, he called her. "Hello President Chen, did you find out the movie Lu Xianjian is going to star in?" Yin Mian asked, hoping for a positive reply.

  "Oh my little kitten, it seems the only thing you care about is knowing about Lu Xianjian. I won't say a thing until you say you miss me." Present Chen said romantically. "President Chen, please stop acting so childish now,you're making me anxious." Yin Mian said. "But little kitten, come to think of it,I'm the one losing here. What do I gain by giving you information about that scoundrel." Chen Qiangu said.

  "OK I'll give you a kiss when you get home." Yin Mian said she did not know when the words had slipped out of her mouth. "Promise?" Chen Qiangu asked. "Promise, just hurry up and tell me already." Yin Mian said realising she had trapped herself, there was no way she could escape now. "The next movie Lu Xianjian is starring in is 'HeadStrong Consort'. He's the male lead and the famous actress Xi Yunyi is the female lead and the director so happens to be a very close friend of mine,one call and you'll replace Yunyi as the female lead." Chen Qiangu said.

  "President Chen, if phase one of my plan is to be complete, I need to be the female lead in that movie." Yin Mian requested. "And what do I get?" President Chen was at it again. "OK I'll make it two kisses and that's all." Yin Mian negotiated. "Deal." President Chen agreed and ended the call.

  He called the director, Gu Hongkuan and he agreed to replace Xi Yunyi with Yin Mian. He told Chen Qiangu to tell Yin Mian when to come for the shoot. Chen Qiangu called Yin Mian and told her. She was excited and prepared for the day.

  Due to the promise, Chen Qiangu returned home early. He demanded for his two kisses and Yin Mian told him to close his eyes and when he did, she quickly pecked him on the cheek twice. "That's not fair,I wanted two real kisses on the lips. Little kitten you've cheated me." Chen Qiangu told her. "Darling we only agreed on the kisses and never deliberated on whether it would be on the cheeks or the lips. I promised two kisses and only two kisses you'll get." Yin Mian said and made to leave.

  Chen Qiangu caught her hand and pulled her to himself,he embraced her. "President Chen, I really don't have time for romance,tomorrow's the shoot and I need to get some rest." Yin Mian said. "I'll only let you go once you've given me a sweet kiss on the lips." He said holding her tighter in his embrace. "OK but let go, you're suffocating me." Yin Mian complained and as soon as Chen Qiangu released her, she ran away. He only smiled.

  The next morning, Yin Mian left the cooking to the workers. She wanted to prepare herself physically, mentally and emotionally. She was going to Lu Xianjian again and also acting alongside, it was not going to be easy.

  "Are you sure about this?" I've seen a copy of the script, it's got a lot of romantic scenes where you'll have to have body contact with Lu Xianjian. "Chen Qiangu said, he didn't seem happy about it." President Chen, I really have to do this. If I had a better option I would have taken it but this seems like the only way. Don't worry, I know we're married and I won't cheat on you in any way I promise. "Yin Mian said realising Chen Qiangu was getting jealous.

  " I trust you but it's that scoundrel, Lu Xianjian I don't trust, only goodness knows what he's up to."Chen Qiangu said. Yin Mian went closer to him and said "what is that I smell? Is it jealousy I smell?" She said sniffing the air around him.

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