Chapter 6

  "Of course I'm jealous, I can't bear the thought of seeing you up so close with another man much more, Lu Xianjian who happens to be your ex." Chen Qiangu explained. "But my dear President Chen, you'll just have to, I'm really sorry. One thing is for sure, that I'll always be yours,so rest assured." Yin Mian said and kissed him on the lips. It was a passionate kiss,and it took Chen Qiangu by surprise. As soon as she broke from his lips, she quickly left to avoid any questions from him.

  Yin Mian got there, to the venue and walked out of the car and into the building majestically. She looked so stunning in appearance that whispers about her were going on. "Who is she? Do you think she's part of the cast? She looks quite sophisticated, do you think she's among the directors?" A lady asked her friend. "I don't think so. If she were a director, I would most definitely know her but I don't think I've seen her." The other lady said.

  "Miss Yin, it's so nice to see you, you're looking so beautiful." The director, Gu Hongkuan complimented. "Thank you and same here director Gu,it's quite a pleasure to meet you." She said and was introduced to the crew members. The shoot was supposed to begin but they were all waiting for the male lead. About twenty minutes later, he arrived. It was Lu Xianjian no surprise, he was the only one who had the guts to keep people waiting like that.

  The director soon introduced Yin Mian to Lu Xianjian as the new female lead. "But I thought Xi Yunyi took up the part?" Lu Xianjian asked, giving Yin Mian a deep stare. "Well Mr Lu you see,Miss Yunyi called to say that something very urgent came up and she couldn't come, so she got replaced by Miss Yin." Director Gu explained.

  Lu Xianjian said nothing but kept staring at Yin Mian which gave her a little fright. She wondered if she could really pull this off but quickly remembered President Chen was counting on her. "OK Mr Lu here's the script, in a few hours we'll begin shooting so it's time to go to the dressing room. Everyone please start preparing, shooting will begin soon." Director Gu said, taking a seat.

  Yin Mian's role in the film was the stubborn but brave princess who refused to be wooed by the proud and handsome Prince from another kingdom. It was an outdated atmosphere, so she had to dress up in a big beautiful Qipao, as a Chinese princess of the ancient days. She also had her makeup done by Hua Vao. The director called everyone out and told them it was time for the shoot. Yin Mian had always been a fast learner,she knew her part well.

  "Lights, camera and action!" Director Gu cut into her thoughts. The scenery was a garden which had a lovely pond. She, as the princess, was sitting by the pond and feeding the fish when Lu Xianjian, playing the role of the Prince, walked up to her. He looked a bit silly in the traditional princely attire, she tried to hold back her laughter and only smiled.

  "Oh dear princess how beautiful you are but why have you refused to marry me, my heart beats only for you." Lu Xianjian said. "Prince Yan Xun, I've told you countless times, I will not marry you. I'm not like the other maidens who fall helplessly for you. Though you are handsome I must admit, your pride overshadows your virtue." Yin Mian said.

  "My lady you have to please accept me and I will be the happiest man alive. Other girls are willing to go to any length to be my bride but you're making me run after you without pity,why dear princess?" Lu Xianjian asked

  "There you go again, you think I'm like other girls. Certainly I'm not and I'll prove it to you. I won't marry you and make you more proud, instead you'll have to rid yourself of your pride first." Yin Mian said standing up from the pond where she had sat. She slipped and Lu Xianjian caught her, his brown daring eyes seemed to pierce hers and she got lost in them.

  "Cut!" Director Gu said startling the both of them and Yin Mian quickly withdrew from his arms. "That was exceptional superb!Miss Yin I never knew you were this good, you made the whole situation look real." Director Gu complimented. "Thank you sir." She replied. "And I only expect the best from the king himself. You performed very well especially the last scene when you stared at each other, it seemed like excellent chemistry." Director Gu complimented.

  "I won't bore you with much talk,you can go take five. Everyone, we're going on a five minutes break after which we'll resume from the second scene immediately." Director Gu said and left them. Yin Mian wanted to leave but Lu Xianjian held her hand. "What are you doing? Let go of me immediately." She said seriously. "Don't be so angry my flower, it doesn't suit you." Lu Xianjian said, flower was what he used to call her back in high school. "I'm not your flower so you better stay within your limits." Yin Mian said and forced her hand out of his, then she left swiftly for the dressing room.

  "Yin Mian you were amazing out there." Hua Vao said she had actually gone to buy them some drinks. She was surprised to see Yin Mian in tears. "Vao I can't do this anymore, he's making it hard. It seems Lu Xianjian is hell bent on ruining my life and happiness." Yin Mian said in tears. "But what happened?" Hua Vao asked and Yin Mian told her everything. "That pervert! I wonder what he's up to now. First he's the one who rejected you flaunting his fiancée but now you're married and trying to move on but he comes back to flirt with you. Mian that guy must be nuts. This is not the Lu Xianjian I know, this one seems like an imposter." Hua Vao said.

  "I need to call President Chen because I don't think I can continue this movie if Lu Xianjian keeps behaving like this towards me." Yin Mian said. "Yin Mian, that's exactly what he wants to happen, for you to give up but now is the time for you to be strong. If not for yourself ,then for president Chen. He's put so much faith in you so go out there and tell Lu Xianjian that you've gotten over him and he can no longer manipulate you. Look him in the eye and reject him and only then will you receive the strength to continue this fight." Hua Vao encouraged.

  Yin Mian knew Hua Vao was right and she took her word for it. She put on some makeup and went on to the stage to show Lu Xianjian the stuff she was made of, she was a human being with feelings and not some toy he could play with. The next scene soon began. The scenery was a garden with luscious grass and exotic flowers. Yin Mian, acting as the princess, was training with a sword. She appeared really serious and concentrated on what she was doing.

  Lu Xianjian came around, "My lady you are as fierce as a lion, I wonder why you act so tomboyish. You train like a man and refuse to accept me." He said and Yin Mian moved the sword in his direction. He dodged it, it was so close though, just a bit closer and the sword could have actually cut him. "Instead of talking rubbish, why don't you just join me in a duel. If I win,I can decide to do whatever I please with you but if you win,I promise to marry you without a word of objection and I will never go back on my promise." Yin Mian challenged.

  "Princess I'll take your challenge but be prepared to be my wife." Lu Xianjian said and both fought with swords. Lu Xianjian, as the Prince lost according to the script. Yin Mian placed the sword over his neck but dropped it on the floor. "Princess you and I know that the truth is you've fallen for me. We would make a very good couple, you're the only one who doesn't see it yet. Why else would you sheathe your sword." Lu Xianjian declared with an affair of pride.

  Yin Mian only nodded in pity. "You lost to a woman and yet I see no iota of shame in you, I only sheathed my sword because I cannot have the blood of a coward on my hands and bring war on my people. You had better leave and never return or else I won't hold back next time." She said and was about to leave when Lu Xianjian held her hand, she froze.

  This was absolutely not part of the script, she wondered what he was up to but just breathed in and out and braced herself for the worst. As soon as she turned back to take a look at him,he dragged her into his embrace and held her so tight. "What are you up to, you ought to leave now so let go of me." She shouted softly at him struggling to get out of his embrace. "I won't let you go till you say you love me." He whispered into her ear. It was somehow not really a whisper because everyone filming, even director Gu heard it. She shivered a bit,she wondered why he was doing this. Did he hate her that much that he saw playing with her feelings as a game, she wondered.

  "Get it into that silly brain of yours I'm not in love with you and I'll never love you or be yours." She said after gathering some courage and managed to break out of his embrace. She tried escaping again but he held her hand once again, she felt so tired of this but his next line of action took her by surprise. "I want you to look into my eyes and tell me you hate me. Just look into my eyes once and say you don't love me and I'll leave you forever." Lu Xianjian said passionately. He had her cornered, he knew she couldn't do it.

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