Chapter 7

  Yin Mian felt so confused, what was she to do,she completely had no clue.He dragged her so close to himself and stared deeply into her eyes as if he was searching for the answer in them. Yin Mian stared back and felt her heart melt for him,he was her first love after all but then she saw something else,something like a reminder. She immediately remembered the day he had rejected her and sent her out of his office, how miserable and heartbroken she had been until she met her angel,the wonderful President Chen. He was the one who had supported her,given her a new life and added meaning to her life.

  Her heart immediately hardened against the man standing in front of her, he was a pretender after all. She then found her courage and looked Lu Xianjian straight in the eyes and said. "I'm not in love with you and I never will fall in love with you, get this straight right here,right now." Lu Xianjian was shocked but didn't let the expression last long on his face. Yin Mian thought he was finally going to let her go but he wasn't done yet,he wouldn't give up. This time, he tried to kiss her,she saw it coming and pushed him away and she quickly left the camera and the shoot was over. It would have ended sooner if not for Lu Xianjian prolonging the scene with his annoying romance.

  "Mian you were great out there." Hua Vao complimented. "Thanks." Yin Mian replied and just then, Lu Xianjian appeared and grabbed hold of her hand so abruptly. "Let go of me, I'm in no mood for drama." Yin Mian warned. "I want you to tell me that all what you said back there was a lie, now." Lu Xianjian sounded strict and coercive.

  "No!" She repelled. "You can't lie to yourself, you love me and nothing can change that." He said undaunted. "I don't know if you've truly gone deaf or you're just playing dumb but get this straight right here and now,I do not love you. Go to your precious fiancée or has she decided to dump you? Maybe she's seen the monster behind that handsome face but one thing is for sure, you can't fool me twice." Yin Mian made sure she sounded harsh to send the message.

  She forced her hand out of his but he was swift to hold it again. Yin Mian got so tired and frustrated of Lu Xianjian's foolish and childish act that she didn't realise when she slapped him hard across the face. "Let that be a warning to you because if you ever venture to come near me again in an unprofessional way,I promise I'll do worse." She said and didn't let him recover from the shock before she left. She entered the car with Hua Vao and immediately drove out of the premises.

  "Yin Mian I didn't know you had it in you to do what you did, it was like you were an entirely different person." Hua Vao was astonished. "Even I'm surprised, I just got so angry that I lost control of myself, I guess it's for the best cause I don't think Lu Xianjian will dare to bother me anytime soon. I'm just scared that he might be up to something, it's not like him to let go that easily." Yin Mian sounded worried. "There's no need to worry as long as you have president Chen beside you." Hua Vao said and gave Yin Mian a hug. Hua Vao was dropped at her house while the driver drove Yin Mian straight home, all the while she couldn't stop thinking of what Lu Xianjian's next line of action would be.

  The driver dropped Hua Vao at her house before taking Yin Mian home, she entered the house and saw Chen Qiangu. "Little kitten you're welcome." Chen Qiangu welcomed her. "Thank you president Chen. In fact,I don't even know how to thank you because without your support, I wouldn't be here and this would not be possible." Yin Mian appreciated it.

  "But I have to admit,Lu Xianjian's sudden action of trying to kiss you took me by surprise but what even surprised me more was your reaction." Chen Qiangu said. "What did you expect? Did you think I would dare kiss that scoundrel and.... Wait a minute, how did you know?" Yin Mian was really surprised. "I have my ways, I'm president Chen after all." Chen Qiangu said proudly. "Dear husband, may I beseech you to tell your humble wife how you were able to watch the shoot." Yin Mian said lovingly and seductively, coming close to president Chen.

  "Well when you ask so nicely, how can I refuse? I watched the shoot on my phone. I had the camera's signal attached and connected to my phone, I couldn't leave you in the hands of that man but I must say,little kitten you surprised me, I see now that you can take proper care of yourself." Chen Qiangu said, holding her hand.

  "President Chen, the next shoot is in three days and I slapped Lu Xianjian because he misbehaved with me. I'm afraid he'll react soon and I don't know what he's planning. The thought only, scares me." Yin Mian explained. "Don't worry, the driver will take you everywhere and if anything happens, call me and I'll be there in a jiffy." Chen Qiangu said and hugged her.

  They had known each other for barely a month but they were already so close. Chen Qiangu was quickly falling in love with Yin Mian, she was as fragile as an egg and he always wanted to protect her. Yin Mian on the other hand saw Chen Qiangu as her comforter, she knew it would take her time to forget the love she had for Lu Xianjian but she only hoped she had the strength and courage to do so.

  Two days later, Yin Mian went shopping and on the way, the car had some faults and just stopped working. The driver left to look for a repairman while she came out of the car. The weather was changing rapidly and it would soon rain. Yin Mian brought out her phone from her bag and wanted to call Chen Qiangu but the honk of a car scared her and her phone fell from her hand and broke.

  The rain started dripping and the driver showed no sign of returning and she had not carried an umbrella. She picked up her broken phone and wondered what she was going to do when a car stopped in front of her.

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