Chapter 8

  The windscreen winded down and lo and behold! It was Lu Xianjian. "Hello flower, need a ride?" Lu Xianjian asked. "No thanks." She refused and walked forward. The car followed her. "I suggest you get in now,as you can see,a storm is coming soon." Lu Xianjian advised. "Just please leave me alone." Yin Mian said walking away, the rain was slowly increasing.

  "Let me help you, I kind of overreacted in the shoot and this is my way of apologizing." Lu Xianjian said. "I said no,don't you understand? No means No." Yin Mian said, turning away. Lu Xianjian winded up and drove off. The rain immediately increased so much that she was soaked from head to toe. She would have gotten into the car but the driver had locked the car and carried the keys.

  Soon she was feeling cold,and she regretted not taking Lu Xianjian's offer. Just then, a car came up ahead. It was Lu Xianjian again. "Now flower, do you need a ride?" Lu Xianjian asked once more. Yin Mian, regretting she had no other option, grudgingly entered the car and it drove off.

  Lu Xianjian took her to his villa,he showed her to the guest room and had a maid deliver her a new set of clothes. She wondered why Lu Xianjian was being so nice to her all of a sudden, she told herself she would no longer fall for his tricks. A knock came to the door and she opened it,it was Lu Xianjian. Her heart skipped a beat,what was he doing here?

  "What are you doing here?" She asked him,moving into the room. "It seems you've forgotten, this is my house." He said and closed the door. "You better not try anything or I promise you'll regret it." Yin Mian warned. "Don't worry, I just want to talk to you." Lu Xianjian said and sat on the bed,he gestured to her to sit on the bed too.

  Yin Mian also sat on the bed but farther away from him. "Flower, since you came to the office, I haven't been at peace. There's something I need to tell you, it's a little secret I've been keeping but I can no longer hide it." Lu Xianjian said and moved closer. She also shifted backwards but he kept coming closer and she shifted till she got to the end of the bed. "Just say what you want,I need to get out of here. Don't come any closer, I've already warned you." She warned again.

  "Flower I didn't know you've become so afraid of me,you used to adore me." He said and took her hand in his. "Flower the truth is,those things I said to you that day in the office were lies. Yin Mian I still love you and I can never stop loving you, you're my whole world. I told you Andrea's my fiancée, she really is but I didn't propose to her willingly. You see her father is the person behind my successful career because what happened is while I was abroad, things didn't go as planned. I was set up for a crime I didn't commit, drug trafficking,I lost everything including the scholarship and I almost went to jail, but Mr. Richard was the one who stood up for me.

  He didn't let them arrest me and fought to prove me innocent. He was the one who sponsored my university education." Lu Xianjian paused to look at Yin Mian who stared at him speechlessly.

  "He invested in my talent and gave me the courage I needed then. I am only what I am today, because of Mr.Richard, he made me the King of entertainment. A year ago,he celebrated his birthday and I asked him what gift I could give to him to say 'thank you' for what he had done for me. He told me that the only thing he really wanted and begged me to agree to was for me to marry his daughter, Andrea.

  I told him I already had someone in my heart who I loved dearly but he kept pleading with me to marry his daughter saying his daughter had fallen in love with me and really wanted me to marry her. He told me that if I did that for him,he would be eternally grateful. I just couldn't refuse, I felt like I owed my life to him. That's how I and Andrea got engaged. I only said what I said at the office because I knew that when Andrea said she would excuse us,she would secretly listen to our conversation. Turns out I was right, she put a CCTV camera in my office. A part of me also wished I could forget you but when I saw you two days ago and your behavior towards me, I knew I couldn't keep lying to myself. "Lu Xianjian concluded, he was almost in tears.

  "Xian Xian, are you telling me the truth?" Yin Mian couldn't help but ask, she no longer knew what to believe. "Flower, look into my eyes and you'll know if I'm lying. Yin Mian I love and I know that you love me too." Lu Xianjian said, holding her close. She looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth, she just didn't know how to react. "Flower you don't have to say anything, you said we have a daughter right? We'll go look for her and find her. I'll find a way to get rid of Andrea and we can be together again." Lu Xianjian told her. By this time, he was already so close and Yin Mian was lost in his face. He kissed her and she felt her brain go numb.

  Yin Mian decided to let go and allow her emotions and desires to flow. He continued kissing her and laid her on the bed. Soon he began undressing her. "Ouch!" Lu Xianjian exclaimed and then Yin took a look. It was the ring Chen Qiangu had given her, it had pierced Lu Xianjian's skin and all of a sudden, she shouted. "Stop!"" But why? We aren't wrong, we both love each other. "Lu Xianjian said. Yin Mian pushed him away. "This is wrong and we both know it." She said dressing up properly.

  She didn't wait for Lu Xianjian to try to stop her or make her fall for him again with his sob stories. She quickly dashed out of the house, the rain had stopped. She took a taxi and soon got home, Chen Qiangu was not at home. She sat down thinking of what had happened, she couldn't believe herself. If she hadn't stopped herself, she would have cheated on Chen Qiangu with Lu Xianjian, the enemy whom he was supposedly helping her to defeat. She felt terrible, how would she face president Chen?

  She couldn't think of anything else, she felt the guilt slowly killing her. She told the maid to bring her some champagne from the bar and a glass of ice. She had never in her life drank champagne before, the only time she had drank alcohol was six years ago when Lu Xianjian had forced her to drink a glass in celebration of his departure but she told herself this was the only solution to her current situation.

  Before she finished one glass, she had already gotten drunk but she wouldn't stop. She drank two glasses of champagne and was feeling very dizzy. Chen Qiangu arrived and went to their room,he was surprised to see a bottle of champagne on the table. "Little kitten, what are we celebrating and why celebrate alone? Isn't champagne too much for you, you're not one to drink alcohol, so what's wrong?" Chen Qiangu asked and Yin Mian fell on him.

  "President Chen, do you know that you're very handsome?" Yin Mian asked, under the influence of alcohol. "Little kitten, you're drunk now. It's time to go to bed,we can talk about this tomorrow when you're feeling alright." Chen Qiangu said, taking her in his arms to the bed. "No,I don't want to sleep now,I feel absolutely fine. I really thought you loved me." Yin Mian said and hiccupped.

  "Little kitten, you're only saying this because you're drunk." Chen Qiangu said. In this condition, it was very easy for him to make his move on her but he didn't. He would only do that with her when she was in her right senses and fully approved of it. He had every right over her but still he didn't think it would be right. "Don't change the topic now,it doesn't matter whether I'm drunk or not. You always say you love me and call me your little kitten but you've never proved it to me that you love me. Prove it to me now,I want to know if you really love me." Yin Mian said, placing both arms on his neck.

  "Do you really want me to prove it?" Chen Qiangu hesitated a bit.

  "Yes, prove it or are you scared now?" Yin Mian asked with a smile, now that was just challenging and provoking Chen Qiangu.

  "OK kitten since you want me to prove it so bad,I will." Chen Qiangu said and kissed her passionately .“ You are mine, we are one.”

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