Chapter 9

  That night they had romantic sex with love.

  In the process of their dance that was as old as history itself, maybe subconsciously, she had called out Lu Xianjian's name, shocking Chen Qiangu.

  He stopped, he felt offended. How could she be sleeping with him but yet be thinking of Lu Xianjian, it just wasn't proper. He decided he was going to have to sit her down the next morning and get the truth from her, what exactly happened that day? He wanted to know.

  Yin Mian woke up with a splitting headache and pains all over her body. Only then did she realise what had happened, she started crying like a baby. "President Chen, why did you do this to me? Why did you take advantage of me? I thought we were friends, you've only been acting as a gentleman but as soon as you got one chance, you went ahead to take advantage of me, I couldn't believe you." She wailed. "This is not a movie you know, stop being such a drama queen." Chen Qiangu retorted, he still felt a bit sleepy.

  "Now you're
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