Chapter 10

  She had wanted to tell Lu Xianjian that she was happily married and he should leave her alone.

  The shoot was starting, she did her makeup and left the dressing room, Lu Xianjian also did the same. Princess Suying was a troublesome girl and she had promised herself she would make Prince Yanxun regret his decision of forcing her to marry him against her will.

  Immediately after the marriage, she hurt herself on purpose to avoid the wedding night. The royal physician was called and she was treated and told to rest. The next day, she went to the kitchen, sent the maids on errands and ruined the food that was prepared for Prince Yanxun, she added almost the whole jar of chilli powder into the food.

  She took the food herself to Prince Yanxun. "Husband, I've brought your food." She told him. He smiled, "Bring it here." He said and she brought it before him. She sat down beside him,smiling mischievously and waiting for the drama to unfold.

  Prince Yanxun ate only a little of the food a
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