Chapter 11

  "Wife, you thought you were so smart. I know you're the one who's been messing with my things and it's my turn to play games. As a punishment, I'm not going to take just anything from you but what you value most. After all, it is my right as your husband." He said to her horror.

  "Husband please leave me alone, I promise I'll be a good wife and I'll never trouble you again." Princess Suying said realising she was totally helpless. Prince Yanxun did not listen, he laid on top of her and the lights went out. She screamed and that was the end of the shoot.

  After the lights came on,Yin Mian pushed Lu Xianjian away from herself. She would not give him a chance to misbehave with her. Hua Vao had called the driver while Yin Mian was in her dressing room. As soon as the driver came, Yin Mian quickly walked out of the premises but she was not fast enough. Lu Xianjian ran after her and grabbed hold of her arm.

  "Lu Xianjian let go of me,you're hurting me." She complained. Hua Vao managed
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