Chapter 12

  "Auntie, are you feeling better now?" The girl asked so sweetly. Yin Mian smiled. "Yes,and it's all thanks to you." Yin Mian told her. "This little child was the one who called me and told me what happened and I quickly rushed home,we owe her a great deal." Chen Qiangu said. "You're such a beautiful angel,the one who gave birth to you must be truly blessed. Where's your mum? I want to meet her and express my gratitude." Yin Mian said and smiled as she patted the girl's cute face. "My mummy works in your house." The girl replied. "What is your name?" Yin Mian asked. "My name is Yiren, Wei Yiren." The girl disclosed.

  "Wow! You have such a beautiful name. Well it's nice to meet you Yiren and I am Yin Mian, you can call me auntie Mian." Yin Mian said, hugging the child. "I also like your name, it's beautiful but you're prettier than your name." Wei Yiren said. "How sweet." Yin Mian said, smiling and wondering where this little drop of sunshine had been.

  "Auntie Mian, is it true you'r
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