Chapter 14

  They tied up all the workers and went to Chen Yiren's room where Yiren was playing with her grandmother.

  All of a sudden, a hand grabbed hold of both Yiren and Yin Mian's mother, the door of the room had been left open so they had not taken notice when the kidnappers had entered the room. They both tried to free themselves from the grip but instead, their mouths and noses were covered with drug laced handkerchiefs.

  Yiren fainted and she was quickly carried up and they were about to leave the room. Yin Mian's mother, who had not fainted yet but was feeling very drowsy, couldn't even stand up from the floor. With all the strength left in her, she managed to crawl to the door and stretched forth her hand.

  She grabbed hold of the leg of the kidnapper that had Yiren but he kicked her hand away and left.

  "Yiren!" She screamed and fainted. Meanwhile, the hearing was very spicy. As usual, Lu Xianjian's crafty lawyer did everything in his ability to make sure that his client won the
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