Chapter 15

  Yiren's cheeks were so red yet,she refused to cry. "That should teach you to hold your tongue." Andrea said as she bent down close to the child.

  Yiren was not scared or deterred. She looked Andrea straight in the eyes and spat on her face. She slapped Yiren again but the seven year old girl refused to shed a tear. "Tie her up,she looks small but she's dangerous and don't let her out of your sight." Andrea said ready to take her leave.

  A full fledged investigation had been going on concerning the disappearance of Chen Yiren. Yin Mian was worried sick and President Chen was her only support. Lu Xianjian for once was also feeling worried about Yiren and Andrea was there to comfort him as though she was the good girl. Meanwhile, she was the enemy.

  Exactly two weeks after Yiren's disappearance, Yin Mian had an accident. Chen Qiangu had not been at home and Yin Mian's mother and a maid had gone shopping. During the past few weeks, Yin Mian had become a shadow of her former self, she
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