Chapter 17

  "Yiren don't say that, it's not your fault." President Chen tried to console her. "No daddy, it's all my fault. It's only because of me she's in this condition, she was worried about me and I've caused her so much pain but not anymore. Mummy please forgive me, forgive your daughter just this once and open your eyes. I promise I'll go away from your life after that and I won't trouble you anymore." Yiren kept saying, still in tears.

  A teardrop fell from Yin Mian's eye and for the first time, she moved her fingers. "Daddy,mummy she's... she's moving her fingers." Yiren announced happily. "Doctor! Doctor!" Chen Qiangu called and the doctor came. President Chen and Yiren were made to leave the room while the doctor attended to her. The doctor later came out and said. "There's been a lot of improvement in her condition, it's like she suddenly has the strength and will to live and she's trying to fight death because she wants to live. If she keeps improving like this, it won't be long be
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