Chapter 19

  "Madame something's gone wrong, the brakes have failed and the car won't stop." The driver said as he persistently kept on trying the brakes. Yin Mian was scared. "What is going on?" She asked, frightened. Due to fear,the driver couldn't keep his focus and the car began to sway around the road.

  The driver could no longer control the car and it kept on swaying. Yin Mian screamed,she was so scared. On impulse, she opened the car door and jumped out of the car. She fell on the road and her head hit a post,she fainted instantly. The car continued to sway with the driver in it and eventually left the road and fell into a nearby lagoon.

  People gathered around her at the accident scene, and the police were soon contacted. Lu Xianjian happened to be passing by and saw people gathered around a person. He was not one to stop and look at accident victims but the face the rear view mirror showed was unavoidable, he couldn't almost believe it. He swiftly came out of his car and pushed throug
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