Chapter 22

  He would have loved to spend the holidays with the children but that feeling telling him to go to Australia was stronger. He had the meeting and the contract was signed but before he left, his business partners from Australia invited him to a Christmas party they were having.

  He first declined but when they pushed further, he accepted and he was sent the venue and the time.

  Since the last party he went to with Yin Mian a year ago,he had never ventured to go to a party again. This would be the first time since the last party he went to with Yin Mian and he felt weirdly excited about attending this party, he couldn't understand it.

  Lu Xianjian was also invited to the same party and he decided to go with Yin Mian. Yin Mian was very excited to go to the party. "Xian Xian I can't believe I'm going to a party, I want to look the prettiest just like a Queen going to a ball." Yin Mian said excitedly.

  "Well my princess shall we go shopping for the finest attire for your highness?" Lu
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