Chapter 24

  She pushed him away. "Stop this right now. It seems you're even worse than that man you saved me from." She told him. "Yin Mian I don't know what's wrong with you but try to remember, I'm your husband and you're my wife. I'm your President Chen" He said and brought out his phone. Then he showed the pictures they took together to her. He brought his wallet and showed her the picture of their family.

  She held the picture and stared at it intently, she couldn't almost believe what she saw. It was a picture of her, President Chen, Chen Yiren and their little son in her arms. Her parents were also in the picture and so were Chen Qiangu's parents, it was a family photo.

  "See,just look at that photo carefully. This is you and that's me, I'm your husband. These two, the boy and the girl are our children. That's your parents and these are my parents." He said and pointed at each and everyone of them.

  "How can this be? This is just not possible, Xian Xian told me that my parents are dea
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