Chapter 38

  It is usually said that nothing remains hidden under the sun and so was the case of Chen Jiang. He had tried dividing his time between both women so as to make them both happy. Surprisingly with his influence, he was able to succeed for three years but everything came out in the open during their last year in the university.

  He knew he would have to come clean to Jing Xuelo sooner or later but he really didn't know how to approach their parents with the matter. It was all just so complicated.

  Chen Jiang was celebrating the three years anniversary of his relationship with Ning Quai. He loved her so much and decided to make it a bit grand because he would also propose to her during the celebration and that was his mistake.

  Being in the same school didn't help to camouflage his relationship with Ning Quai. He was among one of the most popular guys in college so almost everyone knew him. The news of his planned surprise soon traveled far like wild fire until it got to the ears of J
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