Chapter 39

  Yin Mian came down from the car and walked steadily towards the mansion, everything she'd just found out had only managed to plunge her into more confusion.

  Finding out that President Chen had a twin brother was one thing but knowing that the twin brother supposedly died as a baby but was somehow in her house and was pretending to be President Chen was just something else.

  She kept wondering and trying to explore the possibilities. How could it have happened? If Chen Shang had somehow survived and found out about his family then why hadn't he revealed himself? Why did he have to kidnap President Chen and try to take his place?

  Her thoughts kept wandering as she arrived at her room. She felt a pit in her stomach, knowing that Chen Shang was the one inside the room. She prayed that he would not attempt anything stupid while she was in the room.

  She would keep to her initial plan of sleeping in the children's room. She took a deep breath before opening the door and going, she
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