Chapter 41

  Yin Mian woke up as the sun rays hit her face, her vision was blurry at first but eventually cleared up after continuously blinking.

  She sat up and looked around and soon became alarmed when she realized that she was alone, all ounce of tiredness left in her instantly disappeared. Chen Shang wasn't in the room, she got up from the bed and went to the window to check if his car was still within the premises and when she couldn't find it, she then began to panic.

  She checked the drawers and when she couldn't find the property papers, she realized what was about to happen. If Chen Shang had left with the property papers then it only meant that he was taking them to Chen Quai to get them signed!

  She blamed and facepalmed herself for oversleeping and not being alert enough to realize when he had left. She sincerely hoped that her mother in-law hadn't signed those property documents yet and all hadn't been lost.

  She completely fidgeted, pacing up and down her room and wondering wha
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