Chapter 42

  Yin Mian took a deep breath and swiftly walked to where Liu Shaojie stood, perplexed.

  "Yin Mian, what are you doing here?" Liu Shaojie questioned but she just practically ignored him.

  "Mother, don't sign these documents. They're not office papers or contracts but simply property documents. And this man standing in front of you isn't Chen Qiangu, my beloved husband. He's an impostor and all he wants to do is steal our family's property. If you sign those papers, we'll lose everything for sure." Yin Mian said and Chen Quai found herself unable to display any emotion.

  She already knew all of this and she didn't quite appreciate it that Yin Mian was referring to her other son as an imposter. She was going to handle the whole situation, her way. The way any mother in the kind of situation she was would act.

  Liu Shaojie, seeing that his game of pretense was already up, decided to cut the pretense and rather change the plan.

  He pulled on a spiteful smirk before pulling out his pho
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