Chapter 4

  Adeline's first day at the Smith's. She is treated like a princess in the house, all the needs that are usually done alone, here can be done by the household assistants.

  Even the clothes she was going to wear were helped out by the house clerk, this of course made Sofia furious, who couldn't stand to see Adeline there.

  "Sofia, assign some employees near Adeline's room so she doesn't get into trouble when she needs something!" said Smith.

  Even though she was a little hurt, Sofia still nodded her head to carry out her duties. However, she feels that in this world she is the only one who is closest to Smith, it makes Sofia sad because Smith has a lover without telling her all this time. And the news about the wedding, of course, made her very surprised. All this time she thought that the Young Master's closest person was her, but expectations undermined her confidence.

  Smith called Adeline to come with him, yes the clothes room that he will use every day as long as he becomes his wife. How surprised the girl was, all the latest models of clothes that she saw were very pleasing to the eye, Adeline was amazed by the number of clothes, shoes, and even bags that were very much and neatly arranged.

  "Have you had a boyfriend before?" asked Adeline innocently, but she hastily pretended to smile, she didn't want to ask such personal things.

  "We have some limitations, there are things I can do to you but you can't do to me!"

  Adeline nodded, she knew the one in control of this marriage was Smith.

  The girl wandered around enjoying the sights that women applaud, now she can get it very easily.

  "Is this really the price?" asked Adeline with wide eyes while holding the price tag of the shirt.

  Smith smiled slightly at the girl's behavior, Sofia looked a little annoyed at her young master's glance.

  "Before you go anywhere, you will be assisted by two of your personal assistants and if there is anything or you need something you can tell Sofia she will do it.

  Adeline nodded in understanding, but Sofia just kept quiet and followed the two of them in front of her.

  "Tonight I will take you to my parents' house, so choose the appropriate clothes they will help dress you up"

  "To your parents' house? today?" Adeline looked surprised.

  Adeline just stared at all the items that Smith used to provide in the room.

  She followed back after the man who would become her husband, meaning a contract husband!

  Smith went up to the second floor up the stairs one by one while playing with his gadget, and Adeline followed behind while holding onto the banister.

  His eyes did not stop being fascinated by the beauty of the luxurious house he was going to live in.

  The employees were not surprised to see Adeline following Smith from behind and going upstairs, Sofia was no exception, who also looked surprised.

  The rule in this mansion is, no one can go up to the second floor if Smith is at home! The only man from a wealthy family wants peace after working hard at the office and makes his home a comfortable place to take a break from his hectic work.

  As soon as he was about to enter the room and close the door, Smith was shocked because the door he was holding hit something.

  "Ow!" Adeline whispered while holding her head.

  Smith was very, very surprised. "Why are you here?"

  "I thought you were telling me to go up, so I'll come with you"

  Smith raised an eyebrow, he saw Adeline look in pain.

  "Come down with me!"

  Smith pulled the girl's hand down, and the eyes of all the employees immediately fell on Adeline and Smith.

  Sofia smirked slightly at the sight, Sofia thought Smith was lashing out at Adeline.

  "Sofia, bring me cold water in the basin and a small cloth," Smith said as he made Adeline sit on a chair.

  Sofia immediately came back with a basin filled with cold water with lots of ice cubes, she smirked and thought that Smith would splash it on Adeline because it was presumptuous to go up to the floor she followed her.

  "Sit up straight, I will compress the bruises"

  Adeline sat down and looked into Smith's face. "Does it really hurt?" he asked.

  Adeline nodded, feeling the cold of the small towel against her forehead.

  Sofia and the other housekeepers greeted it. His very sensitive young master was giving attention to a girl, which made the employees very jealous and happy.

  Sofia saw that, she couldn't hide the look on her face. "Master, do you need help?" Sofia asked.

  "No, I'll do it myself, it's not a bother anyway"

  Hearing Smith's answer made Sofia even angrier and jealous because the man was sitting very close to the woman who was going to be his wife.

  "I'm sorry, I also didn't ask before so I followed you"

  "It's okay, we're getting married soon and you'll soon adapt to this house" continued Smith, making Adeline's body stiffen and her chest beat faster. How not, the man said it out loud like he was used to it.

  Realizing the girl's behavior, Smith immediately told Sofia and the other employees to leave them.

  After it was quiet and only the two of them were left, Smith brought his face closer to Adeline.

  "Hey, get used to it like any other dating couple, you'll be my wife anyway, don't let my employees get suspicious"

  Smith's body which is too close actually makes Adeline stiff and awkward. "I've never dated before, so I don't know how," Adeline answered while turning her face in any direction.

  Hearing that Smith widened his eyes. "Is this First?"

  Adeline nodded. But he was not ashamed at all, for him it was natural because he was a medical student.

  "Then you have to work hard, I don't want you to look awkward I want everything to be perfect" Smith emphasized clearly, he considers this also a job.

  Hearing Smith's authoritarian words made Adeline a little short of breath, but if she remembers all the facilities she got she chose to forget the cold Young Master's attitude.

  They chatted for a long time and also talked about dinner with the Smiths.

  He didn't want to look awkward and reminded Adeline to act normal in front of her father.

  "Say, honey, you can call me like that in front of other people"

  "Sa, Sa? honey?" Adeline stammered

  "Or you can call me My Love, or My honey," continued Smith.

  "Is this your first time dating too?" asked Adeline.

  Smith immediately lifted his face and looked at the girl. "What do you mean?"

  "How can someone call me by that name in front of their parents, it sounds like a joke"

  "Really, ah never mind you will call me what's important lest my father suspect" Smith then stood up and went to the second floor.

  In the evening it was time for dinner, Adeline had taken a shower and was wearing a dress of her own choosing, a long dress that covered her slender legs, even with long sleeves but formed her beautiful body.

  Smith glanced at the girl, he immediately widened his eyes, as if he saw someone else in Adeline.
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There are lots of mistakes in this chapter. Please be gender specific, I’m so confused reading this.

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