Chapter Eight

When I awoke, it was dark outside, and I could hear people talking.

“You should’ve stopped the interrogation; you could’ve killed her.” Sáta yelled at someone.

“She told me not to, she knows how important our mission is.” General Abtez retorted.

I sat up, looking at my blankets. Blood was everywhere, groaning I stood and headed outside.

“Why is there a Berserker in my camp?” I asked Thana as Sáta and General Abtez jumped, turning to look at me.

“You look like shit.” Thana stated.

“You are too kind.” I smirked.

“Are you okay?” General Abtez asked concerned.

“Right as rain. Did he tell you anything useful?”

He shook his head. “No, he is adamant that he has stolen nothing.”

I frowned, “They are positive he took it, so just keep at it.”


“Just find out where he hid it, okay?” I turned away from them and headed to the nearby river. I stripped and washed the dried blood off my clothes with a piece of damp cloth before wading into the river and washing the blood from my hair
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