Chapter Thirteen

“You are not my superior; General Nerine and I will do as I please.” General Abtez informed me.

“And I am your equal. You will do well to remember that.” I retorted.

“I might have a soft spot for you, Nerine, but I will not be taking orders from you.” He told me his voice was a hoarse whisper, so the others wouldn’t hear his words.

“It's General Nerine and if you think you can intimidate me, you are mistaken.” I scolded him as I walked over to Thana, who handed me a horn of mead. “I have dealt with worse than you.”

He looked at me confused, “head back to camp.” He told his men, and they left.

“You will not share who is worse than me, are you?” He asked as he studied my face.

“What concern is it of yours?” I retorted, as a memory flashed through my mind. I cringed at the image.

He went to move toward me; I glared at him, and he hesitated before turning to follow his men away from the camp.

Once they were out of sight, I downed the mead and breathed a sigh of relief.

I joined the other
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