No Emotion Attached

Everleigh POV

Raven drives me to school. He look so clean while holding the steering wheel. His messy hair is perfectly fine with his white clear face. His lips looks so smooth with its natural pinkish red. He in his black suit as their uniform. 

I secretly smiled. He look so hot!

Meanwhile, I just wore a simple shirt and jeans, with sunglasses and mask on to hide my face. People from outside of the school shouldn't know I'm here, or else I'll be in trouble.

"Your paper and envelops are already at your bag. Mr. Hunderson told me everything. I already put other certificates or papers you might need—"

I laughed. "Fuck, haha!"

He took a quick glance on me. "Your mouth, Ms. Scott. Mind tell me why are you laughing?"

"Nothing, I just find it hillarious, you act like my maid—ah, no! Morelike my personal secretary! Haha! I should call you nanny,"

"It's a part of my agreement I signed with you father. I'm just doing my job, Ms. Scott."

"Hey, nanny!"

"Ms. Scott, I appreciate if you don't call me that,"

"You don't like it?" I asked. "It's great, don't you agree?"

"It doesn't suit me,"

I rolled my eyes. "You're no fun. Fine." I crossed my eyes and looked at the window. 

I enjoyed myself looking at the street full of busy people, buildings that competes with luxury, cars that passes by. 

All my life, I lived with special treatment from other people. I feel so high, to the point I don't understand how do people who's unlike me live with this chaotic world. 

Maybe don't need to hide from any life threatening danger. 

"Raven..." I called him without looking at him. 

"Yes, Ms. Scott?"

"Are you poor?"

"Yes, I am. That's why I work multiple jobs,"

I looked at him. "You have other jobs?!"


I leaned towards him. "And...what are those?"

"I work as a cashier at a 24/7 restaurant during 1:00 am to 4:00 am. Your body guard at 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, a chicken delivery boy at 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Mondays to saturday, I'm your full body guard at sunday," he said without looking at me, he is focusing on driving. "We are near, Ms. Scott."

"Woah... Don't you feel tired? Why are you even working too hard?"

He stopped the car and looked at me with a smile on his face. "I'm saving, I want to study again. I want to get back so I won't regret anything, again."

That made me stopped. Why do he always tell simple words likes there's hidden messages; depth meanings he experienced. 

He sounds... pain.


After I'm finished getting and signing requirements, I just need to come back next week. 

I walk fast towards the elevator and enter; this school is sponsored by my father. I was about to push the lowest button to the parking lot, when suddenly someone familiar entered. 

He was also shocked seeing me. He stared at me for a minute before gazing away.


He is wearing a familiar shirt from eyes. He's wearing the shirt I gave to him! How dare this freaking cheater!

I felt a building heat in my chest that made a piercing lump in my throat. I gulped many times before pushing the parking lot button.

I fixed my mask even though it is well suited on my face. My breathing begun irregular, I felt my sweats started to filled up my forehead. I put my right hand on my jeans pocket as I felt them shaking; I gripped my left hand on the string of the backpack Raven gave me. His backpack.

The elevator dings; I immediately get out. I removed my face mask and sunglasses; I don't care if people will see my face. I can't breathe. I felt like like I'm being choked. I need a fresh air.

I saw Raven waiting for me. He was leaning on the car and not taking a glance on girls who's trying to get his attention. He stand properly as soon as he saw me. He took a step and walks towards me, when suddenly someone touched my arm.


I lost myself when I saw Jackson's teary eyes. "Everleigh..."

I pulled my arm back. I tried to composed myself, though I know I'm about to breakdown.

"I'm sorry..." he said. 

I finally heard, the word I always wanted to hear from him one year ago. 

I got homeschooled for one year because of the depression I had. My room, alone, is my place but dreadful fears.

I slapped him. One hard. My rushed down to my cheeks. "How dare you!"


"I trusted you...why, Jack, why? Why did you made me a fool?! Tell me why am I not enough! Tell me why you got bored and you finally found someone who'll full the half of you! Why did you lie to me?! Us, for five freaking years! And you only put our marriage for someone else, I don't even know why I'm still wearing the neclace ring you made for me!"

"Everleigh...believe me, I didn't make a fool of you..."

"Liar! Why did you faced me just this day after all what happened?! You didn't even called me when the police found me from the kidnapping incident."

"'s just that..." he gulped and bowed his head. "We can't be together, Everleigh. My...My parents—" he cracked his voice. "My parents decided to not be part of your family, after the incident..."


"I really love you, Everleigh... I didn't cheat on you. I don't have a girlfriend if that's what they said,, I can't do that..." he looked at me in the eye. His cheeks was flooded with tears. "I really love you, until now. But I can't defy my parents, I'm sorry..."

My mouth was open but nothing words came out. I was out of words with the truth I heard.

All along the news was about me and Jackson breaking up because of the family conflicts because of the incident, but that was just for the show?! His sister told me that Jackson has another girl for a long time so we need to stop talking.

"C-Can't... Can't you fight for me?" I almost asked him in pleading, begging. "Did you even loved me..?"

"I do love you, Everleigh..." he hugged me kissed my temple. "I'm sorry..."


The loud scream of joy of people synchronized with my banging heartache. This perfect hidden club was for people who wants to escape reality.

I shouted as I walk to the stage holding a bottle of alcoholic drink. This is my third bottle. I can't contain my laugh seeing how the world spins. 

"This is perfect!" 

I dance together with wild people. I saw some making out in public, some are just talking, and others were going to the vip rooms.

"Hi," A one hot guy approached me. He is wearing a black suit, he looks familiar but I don't remember.

"Hey there!" I smiled at him. Damn, his lips, I wanna kiss him. "You alone?"

"Nope, I'm with someone. And she's too drunk."

"Oh! Really, where is she?"

"In front of me."

My brows furrowed. "What? I don't get you Mister...?"

"I'm Raven,"

"You look so hot, Raven! Why do you even wear a suit? This is a club, mind if I remove those off?" I bit my lip before drinking on my bottle again. But I was disappointed when it was already empty. "Hmm? Already?"

"Ms. Scott, let me take you home."

"Wait, Mister! I'm going to get another drink, stay here." 

I walk towards my table. I was about to grab a bottle when suddenly the hot guy grab my arm. My head spins as I turn around, making me bump into his hard chest. Oh, f*ck.

Because of the loud music, he leaned towards me. He put his one hand on the table. I looked like was locked between his arm and body. I feel a bit heated up.

"No, I'm going to take you home."

I laughed. I sit on the table, making me level up to his face. "I can't go home, I don't have a home," I lean forward, inching our lips' gap. "Can you be my home?"

"You have a home, Ms. Scott."

That hit me.

Even though with the loud music, I felt my world silent. My eyes started to blur as I looked into his eyes.

"Isn't home is supposed to be a place where you can rest, be yourself...and all the things where you can feel nothing but safe despite on dangers upon?" 

He didn't answered. He just stared at me with those expressives eyes; seems like shouting for me to trust him.

He sighed before caressing his temple. His mouth opened up was about to speak when suddenly someone accidentally bump on his back. The guy who bump didn't notice us at all.

But to what more surprising is this hot guy's lips touching mine!

Both our eyes grew big.

His lips...

I felt something burning up inside me. Being drunk really drives me crazy.

He immediately detached out lips, but I grab his neck and kissed him. I encircled my arms around his neck and deepen his lips to mine. He put his hands to my shoulders and tried to push me away; he succeeded.

"Ms. Scott!"

I crossed my arms. "Hey, hot guy. Why do you look so familiar?"

He frown before carrying me like a bride. 

"Hey, where are you taking ne? Are you kidnapping me? That's great then, I wanted to see that person so much," I said while clinging my delicate arms on his neck. 

He's so handsome. My heart skips a beat.

I was enjoying myself staring at his face until he opened a door and put me on seat. Oh, I was on the car.

After he closed the door, I lean my head on the open window, making my head dangles outside. 

"Ms. Scott!"

I felt an arm pulling my head inward. I hardly opened my eyes when he faced me. He was now inside the car sitting on the driver seat. 

"What are you doing?!" he closed the window before leaning my head against it. 

Who is this guy? Argh, I'm so dizzy!

He put my seatbelt on. I cupped his face. "Hey, could you kiss me?"

"Ms. Scott, feel free to lean your head on backward," he leaned my head, "and sleep. I'm going to buy something for you to sober up."

"Ahhh, no! No! I want kiss!"

"Ms. Scott, you need to rest—"

"I will not!" I shooked my head. "Nah!"

"Ms. Scott, stop screaming—"

I put my hands on my ears. "Blah, blah, blah!"

"Ms. Scott, stop being stubborn—"

"Everybody leaves me! I'm fine! I'm not enough!" I spread my hands making him  move backward to avoid being hit.

He grab my hands and pinned it beside me. "Ms. Scott, please stop."

"Kiss me and I will," I smirked.

I can reflect in his eyes how he is to tired of me being stubborn. I don't care!

"You will?"

"I will! HAHA!"

I saw him gulped. Is he nervous? Is this his first time?

I was about to speak when he leaned his towards me and put his gentle lips on mine. He didn't moved his lips and only pressing it. Come on!

I bit his lower lip and suck it; he moaned and that turned me on.

"F*ck..." he cursed. 

My stomach felt butterflies when he put his hand on my neck to deepen his kiss.

Did I triggered him?

He moved his lips aggressively like he was waiting for it so long. His tongue roamed inside my mouth like he was searching for more. 

"Hmm..." I can't help but to moan.

His other hand started to roam, until it landed on the hem of my shirt. 

"Ughh..." A tingling sensation builds up down on my core when I felt his finger tips slowly caressing my skin. 

But suddenly he stopped. He moved inched away. 

I saw how his eyes full with lust and an emotion I can't decipher. His breathing is heavy. His messy hair, red shining lips, and bits of sweat formed on his forehead made him look incredibly a man of my desire. 

No, Everleigh, this is your full desire; no emotions attached.

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