Third Person POV

A spaceful room is divided onto red and black color; ten people wearing their suit intensifies the atmosphere inside.  

The room is occupied with a long table provided with twenty chairs, two podiums, huge flat screen television, projector; all was divide with black and red color. 

Ten people who wear red masks is on the left side, and ten people wearing black masks is on the right side of the table.

"No any signs, no any traces of code R.A. Can this be a hint of relief?" one man wearing a plain black mask. 

"Or a sign of to be ready. He isn't called 'Ace' for nothing," one man spoked wearing a red plain mask. 

The man wearing a plain black mask turned around to the other man wearing a red mask with a dragon designed on the half of it. "We can't be any in this worrisome situation without your teams negligence," he faced he man wearing a plain red mask, "right, code B?"

Code B played his fingers on

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