Everleigh POV

I rolled my eyes for the nth time—360 degrees. For pete's sake!

Raven never look at me in the eye, he keeps on treating me with his cold and stern attitude. I felt like a little kid. But what makes me more irritated was his sweet and manly gestures!

I heard old man laugh. I looked at him. "Why are you laughing?"

He pointed my hands using his mouth. Right I was here putting seeds on flower beds.

"If you're curious, why not just ask him?" old man dig up some dirt. "He is right, you shouldn't have gone there. What if something bad happened to you? Your father will be sick."

I pouted. "He could have just scold me once just like what you did to me. But look at him, treating me like he never heard I said I was sorry. And now he even got out to buy me materials for school. He cooked for me, he cares for me, he watch out for me," my hands started to crumble dirt, "with all his little cold treatment! Is he playing with me?! He is not even looking at me in my eyes!"

Old man laugh
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