Raven POV

Today is my Mom's death anniversary. I took a day off from my duty. I already pass my paper for request of being Everleigh's regular body guard—24/7. Tomorrow, I'll be on duty all day, all night. I mentally smiled, being on guard with your special woman.

"I know you can fight, but lay down, stay low key, Clyde," I said before putting my helmet.

Clyde was in the hospital, Vince brought him to see if he has more deep injuries, fortunately, none.

Clyde was a victim of bullying in school. Though we are all fighters, we don't involve ourselves to normal people. We stay low as possible.

Clyde had bruises on his side lips, shoulders, and legs.

"I know, I know," Clyde said, "I really wanted to smack their asses off a while ago,"

Vince put his arms on Clyde's shoulders.

"Argh! Vince! I got bruises their!" But Vince didn't listen.

Vince smirked. "He is protecting his classmate, a girl classmate,"

I smirked. "Uh huh, someone special, I guess—"

"What?! No!" Clyde push Vince away, "
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